Before I get to the good stuff

I thought I’d post about me wanting to implement some good changes in my life. Such as stopping drinking diet coke (i’m allowing myself one can a day until my cans are gone, cause I have a lot of them)  and I’m going to make proactive choices of taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work, and such.

Additionally (and the hardest to stick to) I will be waking up early to exercise. I think I will probably switch between walking on the treadmill and using wii fit. Mostly so I don’t get bored.  This means I will probably be getting up at 5-6 am just to exercise. I hope to do it daily, but I might have to simmer it down to three times a week at best. simply because I love me some sleepin’. I don’t love being overweight though.

Derringer Meryl [what what?!] Out

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