Things that I used to worry about

when Scott and I got married, we had CRAPPY jobs. I am not kidding you. I worked MW and he was on the fast track to make 20K a year. I”m sure there are people in this current environment that would be greatful for that kind of job. I don’t look down on them, except for: The crappy insurance we had.

Scott (my soul mate, my paramour, etc etc) became diabetic as a kid. His parents had great insurance (at least they did when I met him) and so they didn’t have to pay quite so out the butt on insurance. When we got married we didn’t have the option (as people do now) to stay on our parents (his parent’s insurance) insurance. In fact, I attended College for two semesters JUST to stay on my parent’s insurance. It was cheaper to pay for college than insurance, that’s saying something. Anyway… We had a humdinger of a first year being married. Luckily for us, I had pretty good insurance because I was a government contract worker. After having my miscarriage though, I was kind of sensitive (read: Depressed) and so I was having a hard time being around 30 (felt like 30) pregnant girls all the time at work. I went part time. I lost my insurance benefits! So we went onto scott’s. I don’t know if you’ve worked “fast food” or in the “Restaurant industry” but let me tell you this. You are replaceable, like a kleenex (TM) to them. His insurance didn’t cover my birth control, made us pay out the wazoo for his insulin and durable medical supplies. I feel really fortunate that we’ve worked ourselves to a place where that’s less the case but….


Did you know that medical insurance can deny filling a perscription if it hasnt’ been “long enough” since you got the last one? Diabetic (as I mentioned) So it will be the day before the MAGIC day when he can refill his LIFE GIVING medicine. It’s not like he’s trying to get amphetemines or oxycontin. It’s Insulin. It doesn’t get you high, it doesn’t make you loopy. If you took it and didn’t have diabetes (a medical need) you’d probably kill yourself. He’s not hawking it to people on the street. Not an insulin dealer. He made some interesting dietary choices, and now he essentially gets to go without eating for a day.


Prior to Obamacare (which I know SO many people I work with HATE it) I worried that Scott’s Employers would sneeze and get rid of him. It actually happened once. Scott got laid off, and we (he and I) were screwed. We were pretty fortunate to have some good friends, who worked for a great company who got him in the door, where he has for the past three years, worked his way back to his position with the previous company. Also, if Scott lost health care (and I wasn’t working) prior to obama care, he could be denied coverage. Citing pre existing condition. Well no duh dummies.

WE have built an industry out of MAKING and KEEPING people sick. It’s so much more profitable to not cure cancer, diabetes, aids, etc becuase those people will buy and buy and buy until they’re in the poor house (as if they weren’t there already) to stay alive. Isn’t that what everyone wants? to be alive, at the very least. Once we have that, we want to be healthy. People will pay and pay and pay to be healthy, Why wouldn’t we capitalize on that? Other than the despicable horribleness of the idea.

I know people, good people, Honest people, who think that it’s not a big deal to not balance out healthcare. Most of those people, i’d say, don’t know what it is really like to be sick. If they do– they must be seeing this from some drastically different perspective. I don’t think it’s the government’s responsibility to take care of me, or Scott (or my kids). I do think it is a nations responsibility to interfere when a great wrong is being done to it’s people, especially if being perpetrated BY it’s people.


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Why I hate Valentines

and other such nonsense.

I am 25 (haha, Old) and have hated valentines for a long time. I’m going to go ahead and say since the first grade where I got locked out of my parents house (with my brothers) and ate all my Valentines day candy and then threw up that evening due to the over abundance of sugar. I hate those little candy hearts and I hate the fake-ness of it all.

If your single, why would you want to have the happiness of everyone else SHOVED in your face, what better way than a holiday to point out that “hey you’re alone and single!” and if you’re dating someone who you aren’t loathed to be with (IE in a happy relationship that isn’t marriage) you get to crowd in with all the other people who are happy, or are pretending to be so on Valentines day at various restaurants and such, getting some commercial card, chocolates, flowers and if you’re really “lucky” jewelry that Tom Shane convinced your Significant other that they absolutely needed to have in order to make you happy. If you’re married, you either are newly married and fall into the category of most people who are dating, and if you have kids (like i do) you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding someone to watch them so you can crowd in with those people who are also celebrating said “holiday”. I much more prefer my romance and dates to be sporadic and not required.

. . . .

That’s not to say I wouldn’t appreciate something for onValentine’s day, but just as much as I might appreciate something any day of the year. Hopefully this weekend we can fit something in that will be fun.

In other news, I am sick again. I am hoping I am catching it in time that I don’t have to take as heavy duty of antibiotics again. Gosh.

Derringer Meryl [sick.] Out

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Heath Update

For those of you who read my blog who aren’t privy to my facebook info… or would like to light facebook on fire (Scott would) I finally hauled my sorry (vomiting) self to the Dr’s office and found out that I have a kidney infection. BLAH! So I’m drinking lots of water, taking antibiotics, and hoping I don’t get MORE sick, which would require a trip to the hospital.

Derringer Meryl [not my year] Out

PS. This has taught me a valuable lesson of taking care of myself as I would my husband or child. If they were feeling sick i would make sure they got to the doctor. I need to do that for myself as well.

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From my quick press, a big shout out to Scott who is magic at maintaining my blog. What a great guy!

I also would like to say a big thank you to DQ who brought home chocolate for me to eat. I love me some chocolate.

I was sick today, I’m hoping it stays away. i hate being ill. It makes it hard to be anything else, like a mom or wife. I just want to lay on the couch and pass out. This re-occurrence has reminded me that I need to get to the doctor. the downside? I have no time off to go to the doctor. Oh well.


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Baby Appointment Update

I just got home from the doctor, and it appears that I have 84 days until we have a brand new baby here. I will be given a c-section sometime in my 39th week. By my doctor’s measuring I’m 26w6d. (by my measure i’m only 25w4d)

So I might have a June baby! lol who knows at this point. we’ll see. My Blood pressure is good. I’ve still only gained 6 lbs (wahoo!) this pregnancy… and things feel good. I unfortunately have used up a LOT Of my time off this pregnancy (which is BAD) but I’ve had a baaaaaaaaaaaad march. Katie and I have been sick almost every weekend. This weekend was particularly bad due to katie being clingy and coughing and sick. Sneezing, sniffling, sick… it’s horrible. She looks really hung out to dry, poor girl. I was sooo tired … I am still. Katie is super rambunctious with her sickness too. I’m not sure why she’s so hyper, but it’s no good. I woke up saturday morning with her screaming and gasping for air at 5 am. I have had about 8 hours of sleep this weekend myself, mostly because I can’t get comfortable iwth katie sleeping on me.

On the upside I am in the processing of downloading more Jon and Kate plus 8 to watch… Scott and i will be re-arranging our bedroom later today. I hope we can get a few things done.  #1) nap. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [baby baby baby] out

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