The front of my house is lonely….

Lots to catch up on.

DQ’s wedding was beautiful. I didn’t cry as much as i thought… Even when my little damien child decided to throw a glass (LIKE REAL GLASS) off the table and it shattered and cut my foot. Fun times. i got two stitches and an extra day off of work. Whoo whoo!

I have been working really hard to keep my medicine at an even keel so that I wouldn’t have a huge break down after she left. I think people probably think I’m ridiculous. DQ is my best girl friend. I would do just about anything for her if she asked me to. Seriously. I felt SUPER bad that I had to miss so much of her reception because of my foot, and was really disappointed, but there wasn’t much to do. I am Very glad that her hubby came along and they found each other. I’m so glad she’s happy now. Sure, I’m a bit sad… I miss having someone to hang out with, but I think in a lot of ways, things will be better this way.

In other news:

I’m baby free tonight. whoo whoo. Thanks Lorna. I super appreciate it. Scott super appreciates it. 🙂 We need the time off sometimes. we really run ourselves ragged. We appreciate our awesome families that pull together and help out. My mom and dad took Katie and Audrey when my foot got sliced open so we didn’t have to juggle them at instacare! Scribbles Watched them on Saturday so we could have our date/clean… and Midori (along with Scribbles) came to clean my house today before we all got together for dinner. I love my in laws, I love my family. I feel really blessed!

Derringer meryl [off to bed!] Out

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Marriage. Family. Photos.

A few girls on my message board are having problems with their marriages. I feel so badly. I wish I could somehow help them, instill some of the happiness that I have.

Something that keeps me happy is having my wedding pictures up. It seems like a DUMB thing, but honestly, it’s one of the best days of my life. Looking at the pictures helps me remember that. Helps me say “Look at Scott, look at how much he loves me. You can see it in his face.” when some days I don’t get to see him, and honestly some days our passing each other is enough to hand off babies and fall asleep. Every minute of our life isn’t happily ever after, and I’ll admit sometimes I get mad about STUPID STUFF (DISHES!!) and it’s nice that when I roll over in bed and think about how I can’t sleep and Scott slept all day (though to be quite frank it’s not about quantity it’s about quality… and, well that’s something else entirely…) and I see our wedding pictures we have hanging on our wall… and I feel so good. I wish I had more pictures on my walls. I LOVE pictures. which is why people get them as gifts from me so often (Mom and Dad ;)) Because it’s a beautiful thing to be able to capture a moment, and remember it forever. I wish I could take pictures. I mean I can, I’m just not… magic about it. Maybe someday I’ll invest some time in it… I’m borrowing my Dad’s nice camera (Ok, not his NEW camera, but a very nice one nonetheless…) and It’d probably be good If i learned how to use it a little.

Even if I never learn, and never get good, I love pictures. I have pictures from when my nephews were little and visited with me all the time, it’s good to remember all these things. i have pictures hanging out with my family on the front porch. I took pictures (as snap-shotty as ever) of The Boy’s First Birthday…. I wish we had taken pictures like we had with Katie for Audrey. With Katie we got a picture of EVERYONE the first time they held her. Those are some of my favorite pictures. I have one of The Specialist holding Katie and I remember the “argument” that Sukie had with him moments before to hold her. The Specialist didn’t want to. They were leaving, Sukie had left the room, and he held her…. And see right now I remember Sukie holding Audrey and saying to Wudan to hold her and get used to it again LOL. I don’t have a picture of Wudan holding Audrey though, so I won’t remember it. I’m sure the memory will fade eventually. I remember with my wedding that between pictures I was humming Brick by Ben Folds Five. I had it stuck in my head, and it was HORRIBLE (it’s a horrible song to have stuck in your head on your wedding day). I have a picture of Scott’s dad giving us bunny ears as we posed. I remember thinking that I’d just edit him out so we could have a nice picture– but I would never ever change it now.

I am feeling grateful for life, grateful for all my happy memories, and the ability to remember them.

Derringer Meryl [wallpaper my life] Out

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Hey Time…

Thanks for saying what I so obviously couldn’t.


“Meyer’s religious upbringing taught her something few writers grasp, that fantasies can be about restraint as well as excess. Sometimes nice girls do finish first.”

What a day. It’s been snowing since I went to bed last night, and to be quite honest, I wish it’d stick to the mountains. I’m glad I don’t work in Park City or something. It’d be disgusting to haul my butt up the canyon each day in this horrible weather. I don’t even like hauling myself to work in this weather! I appreciate the precipitation– but if it could give us just a little break… enough to salt the roads and for Scott to clear the drive… I’d be happier.

So I went to the doctor yesterday. I wish I had picked an earlier appointment. I had the feeling the doctor wanted to rush out the door and go home. Anyway, my BP was HIGH (like 168/99) and the doctor was going to medicate me, but he decided to take my BP again… This time with a large cuff. At this point in the story I’d like to pause and say …. WTH? why were they using a small or medium cuff on me anyway? So I look small or medium? These nurses take my weight right before taking my BP (My weight BTW, hasn’t gone up at all this pregnancy. WOOT ME!) So I don’t know why after seeing that number they don’t say “OH she’s obese, let’s use a LARGE CUFF?!” Also, btw, they are taking it over my sleeve. Shouldn’t that indicate using a larger sleeve as well? In any case… They use the large cuff– and hey, what do you know, it’s like 117/71. Who would have guessed. I wish I could pin the cost of the extra tests he ran on them. I wish doctors would start simple and work up to dangerous things… instead of the other way around. Isn’t the simplest answer usually the CORRECT answer? Sheesh. In any case. Problem solved. I’ll still be watching my sodium intake (DUN DUN DUH!) so as to not aggravate any underlying problem I might have with my BP, but I won’t be worrying about it either.

I need to call about getting an appt with my bishop when I get home tonight too. I need to get on the ball and get my recommend, I’m running out of time to do it! It’s tough fitting everything in, especially working so late– but as long as I have a recommend in my hot little hand by 2/7, I’ll be giddy as a school girl.

I got my crochet needles for my birthday from Scott last week. As well as a plethora of blue yarn to make slimes with. It says to use an E crochet hook, but I’m thinking I’ll use something larger to help myself learn. Once I am comfortable, then I’ll use a smaller hook 🙂 I also need to find out how to reliably make the magic ring….It’s hard to do with Katie around… She wants to play with the hook and throw the yarn. Drives me crazy.

I watched all of Anne of Green Gables this weekend, and enjoyed it immensely. Except for the last movie wher Megan Follows sounds like she’s been smoking a pack a day for 40 years. Also I don’t find it terribly romantic, which the first two are, and have a pretty soundtrack. The second one takes place mostly during the war, on the front line,  so it’s a lot of exploding…. also, WTH, why would Anne give up Green Gables to that two faced horrible friend Diana who is putting on airs and it never really explains why they need a house at all… I guess they lost their big one? BLERG!

Anyway, it was a great gift, Scott really secretly appreciates it because it means he can sleep all day and Katie and I will hunker down and watch Anne in the basement. He said it was the best sleep he’d had. YAY for sleeping.

Derringer Meryl [secret sleepings] Out


Can I never go home again

so… i’ve been married for… like four days…. and let me tell you….

i love it.

sure, it hasn’t all been peachy (already) like Scott and i went on our honeymoon and got really sick. (I got throw up sick, but scott doesn’t throw up anymore… apparently) He just got an aweful head ache. So I spent a lot of time wishing i was dead because of the aweful pain i felt in my stomach. (it hurt really bad) and Scott kept holding his head saying how much it hurt. (I imagine it did, really badly)

I’m getting better about things…. like my self esteem. i can feel it boosting, it’s great. I love feeling so good about myself.

and can i tell you, walmart is a scary place on a saturday. Very scary. i don’t like it.

We got scott some pajamas… they’re super cute… Oscar the Grouch pajama pants. it was happy. I’m So happy here. *yawns* and tired. Very tired.

I thought i’d update before it got too much later. … I’d like to say thank you to all my sibs (The Specialist, Dax, Wudan) and their wives (Antigone and Sukie) for being at the Temple when we got out. Oh, and special thanks to Luke. He’s super cute, and I loved having him there. Scott’s so thrilled that he’s an uncle now. 🙂

We’ll be up in the Valley tomorrow (for those of you who live there) and i just thought i’d mention that. I love you guys.

thanks so much to my aunts and my mom for all the prep they did. I appreciate it so much. I don’t normally say people’s names on here, but if I didn’t mention you specifically, i’d feel all sorts of awful.

So thanks Aunt Linda and Aunt Verdean. You guys are so great. thank you for the help with the reception and the quilts and the party and everything. I’m sure i’m missing like fifty million things you gals did for me, but I just want you to know i appreciate what you do for me. You’re great.

*yawns* must clean off bed. Must finish list of things i need to remember from home.

Derringer Meryl [Old Home, New Home] out

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Not Anymore

welcome to the butt crack of dawn! It’s my wedding day!!!!!

I’m so excited, and so very anxious. This day is only going to happen ONCE in my lifetime, and I want everything to be right.

Mostly, I just want everyone to smile and be happy until the pictures are done.


Derringer Meryl [Not So Lonely, not for a while] Out

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