i’m not going to beg anymore

Alright, I suck. I forgot Red’s birthday. I’d like to claim the hubbub of getting married and what not got in my way and what not, but that’d just be a lame excuse.

I don’t know what day it is, I barely have a grasp of what month it is.

I thought it was at the end of the month. *shrugs at her own mistake* I can’t really comfortably call long distance from here.

Once again, excuses, I don’t feel like making them. I could be vindictive and angry and what not, but all of that seems very pointless when I dont’ really care about the past. It sucks, whatever.

But Red said it best, that we are different people now. Not that we aren’t friends anymore, I dont’ ever want to say that… We just aren’t who we were before…. It’s just the way things are. *shrugs*

Sorry if it sounds like i’m not sorry, because I am sorry. I’m sorry I missed Red’s birthday, and I’m sorry I’m so far away. I’m sorry I didnt’ get to go to Lagoon with you… I suck rocks, once again.

Derringer Meryl [so…] Out

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