The one where I snitched

I remember when I was like… 10, I found my brother’s offspring CD, and was reading the lyrics, and found that it said “ass” in it (HA!) and totally snitched to my parents. He was PISSED! 15 years later, I’m jammin’ to the same band, same songs, loving them! (Currently listening to “Want you Bad”) But the thing is 10 year old me, just didn’t know what it’s like being an adult. Maybe I should try living up to 10 year old me’s standards, but… I think sometimes we miss out on some good things in life (good music, good people) because we can’t look past what we might deem as “wrong”

Your one vice
It’s you’re too nice
Come around now can you see
Don’t get me wrong
I know you’re only being good
But that’s what’s wrong
I guess I just misunderstood

Derringer Meryl [Lyric spew?] Out

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my sibs

I have been thinking long and hard about what to say about my sibs. Its a hard thing for me to define, why I love them so much.

To be honest growing up with four bros was hard at times. But I have fond memories of each of them.

It is an easy thing to do, to hold onto an angry past, but it is a far better thing to do to move past it.

I can recall many times my brothers made sure to include me, and I treasure those memories.

So here is to my bros, some of the sweetest dorks around.

Derringer Meryl [word up] out

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Broken wings

I was talking yesterday to both The Specialist and Mom about Siblings.

I have to admit, I’m constantly analyzing other siblings to see if I’m closer to them or not as close… etc. I think I have an okay relationship to the lot of them… Dax and I know each other the best, that’s for sure. But I love them all, and I would like to say first, that I’m not moving back to my Home Valley. I’m not. We’re not. So don’t ask. Don’t suggest. Cause it’s not happening. *sighs* That said.

I wish I was closer with you all. I wish we had all spent more time together when we could have. I guess this feeling is possibly just me, because i have the “i’m the only girl” syndrome where no matter what i’m left out. *sighs*

I wish that I could have gotten to know The Specialist better and Wudan. I wish I could spend time with them and hang out.

I don’tknow. *shrugs* I guess, all in all, what i’m trying to say… Is that i miss you guys. I miss walking through Smiths and The Specialist wrapping his arm around me saying “You know I love you Baby” and me saying “I know, I know” I miss dancing in the kitchen with Wudan. We were gonna take dance lessons. Heh. I miss playing Video games with Dax, and hanging out at the mall. He’s the only person I know who spends about the same time as me looking at stuff. I miss Tango dancing with The Specialist. It was never serious, but it was always funny. I miss playing our own made up role playing games that he Specialist put together. I remember that Wudan killed me when I ran through a school house. I remember Christmas shopping in the Lancer together. I remember eating Ben and Jerry’s with The Specialist the night before he got married to Antigone, while we played video games.

I want to do it all again.

Derringer Meryl [Missing Things] Out

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heres to you friend

If you want my opinion, everyone is just itching for a fight. For various reasons. I don’t know why… but my two siblings (the ones besides me and Dax that get along the best) have decided to take rather odd pot shots at each other in their blog. I don’t know why, but being me, I simply must blame it on myself. Just because I insanely love being the center of attention.

I don’t really know why any of this is happening. All I know is that It’s no good if you’re all gonna be grouchy poo heads.

You hate your job. You aren’t getting along with your spouse. WAHOO! Good Grief, join everyone else. I have a stark realization of how much life sucks, such a grasp you will never know. Everyone has stuff that sucks. Angel Ended, it’s sad. It is one of the last shows on TV that’s good. You wanna know what you should do with your spare hour you now have? Do something special with your spouse. Call someone you’ve been thinking about lately. Find ONE good thing that happened today.

I know your blog is for you. You whine all you want. Lord knows I whine my fair share. I know my blog is annoyingly cute and smooshy and what not. I’m not here to be down on anyone. But if destroying your siblings is the most constructive thing you can do with your time, you have a seriously sad life.

Heh. That’s sorta… hypocritical. Whatever.

Derringer Meryl [Yeah, i’m talking to you] Out

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