The one where I snitched

I remember when I was like… 10, I found my brother’s offspring CD, and was reading the lyrics, and found that it said “ass” in it (HA!) and totally snitched to my parents. He was PISSED! 15 years later, I’m jammin’ to the same band, same songs, loving them! (Currently listening to “Want you Bad”) But the thing is 10 year old me, just didn’t know what it’s like being an adult. Maybe I should try living up to 10 year old me’s standards, but… I think sometimes we miss out on some good things in life (good music, good people) because we can’t look past what we might deem as “wrong”

Your one vice
It’s you’re too nice
Come around now can you see
Don’t get me wrong
I know you’re only being good
But that’s what’s wrong
I guess I just misunderstood

Derringer Meryl [Lyric spew?] Out

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