Hits, Not Pounds

It’s late, and i have to say, i don’t feel like sleeping. I hate it. I hate going to sleep…. and i’ll tell you why…

i’m sure you don’t care, but PSH, I dont’ care that you dont’ care

There’s no one there with me.

Yeah, iknow i sound like a perv…. but i’m a cuddler. I know i am. I love to cuddle things. and honestly, a stuffed animal doesn’t really cuddle back well…. and i hate it. I hate sleeping, and even though I need to, i wait until the brink of exhaustion and fall asleep then. It’s been that way for months now. I wouldn’t call it …. Um.. Insomnia– it’s just… If you’ve read in here before You know how i am about this. It’s like, just another night, alone. and i hate that feeling. the alone feeling.

The feeling that you’re going to spend every night of your life alone like that… That I’m going to spend every night of my life alone like that.

it’s a depressing thought…. and it makes me stay awake. Makes me say, “You’re going to stay awake until you find someone, dang it!” even though I can’t…. *rubs her head* God I’m getting tired.

*sighs* I’m a sad lonely little perv, aren’t I?

Derringer Meryl [Broke 500] Out

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