Turns out

Something is going nuts with Scott’s Server. So I wait for that to get fixed (haha never) and then we will be able to cahnge the background. I think it’ll be epic, but… Maybe I’m just over excited.

Work has been nuts lately. I did over 300 chats last week. CHATS. That’s a lot of typing. I feel like I should start researching how to prevent Carpel tunnel. Considering I did not work all 40 of my hours last week, it is amazing how much work I’ve done. It was CRAZY. Over 10 chats an hour. That is a lot of chatting if I do say so myself. And I do!

That being said, I do really enjoy my job. It’s a nice place. You know that the Supervisors have your back and know thatyou’re working hard, they say thank you, a lot. Which is refreshing, and nice. I don’t feel like I’m being stalked that I’m not doing enough. I feel like they are satisfied with my work, and so am I. Also, it’s nice to be working in a field where I feel comfortable. After being on the net for … nearly 20 years now (next year will be my 20th. WEIRD) I know a lot about email. I know a lot about servers and building websites. That being said, I am no expert. I tend to take an… interesting way to functioning with the internet. I just keep trying. Again and Again. To fix, improve and manage my website(s) I am self taught on HTML and for a long time hand coded. After that I found other people’s code (via free websites) and modified them and broke and repaired them. I am not… book smart when it comes to the internet. I can’t brag about capabilities. I’m much closer to being an idiot savant. I know where to go and what to look for to make things work. I can’t explain it to you, or help you fix your website, without going in and mucking it up a BUNCH for you. Which is why I’m not in Support!! In any case. I love the internet. I love being on it. I love meeting new people. For a period of my life, I enjoyed going into chat rooms and being dramatic. No one cares when you lie in a chat room. It was a beautiful thing for a teenage girl. I was Stunning. Because, when it comes to the written word, I have found, I am charming. I am alluring. In person I am awkward and unsure. Online, I am cunning and beautiful. I am a picture and my words….

*wipes a tear* I love you internet. I love you soooo good.

Derringer Meryl [I’m in Love, I’m in Love, I’m in love…] Out

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I’m pretty– helpless?

Unreasonable, Unlogical, and Different.

So before I start this new entry and new week of posting, I’d like to note, that I’m still sad that Marci died. I miss her. I’m worried about Kristianne…

But I don’t want to focus on it. So I’m not going to.


Scott and I are getting a new mattress today. I’m pretty freaking excited. The one we have now, is from when Scott was like, thirteen, and it smells … ewll… foul. and kinda like a thirteen year old boy. *shudders* Okay. SO yeah, i”m pretty thrilled about that though.

I got a call from convergys today. I thought they were going to say that I was some sort of closet drug addict and that they weren’t going to hire me because of that, but Nope… they just wanted to know about what time of day I wanted to start working at…. Ten to 12, naturally. Like I’d actually wake up early. Early is for… early people.


Whelp, I can’t think of much more to say– except the hicks over yonder are hacking on our Internet cables. As in literally chopping htem up, so …if you don’t hear from me– that’s why.

Derringer Meryl [Silly Hicks] out

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