Don’t read anything into this. I was just bored (as usual) the other day, and was surfing the net, looking for odd Hello Kitty Items (you hear a lot about them, but i’m starting to think they’re just urban legends) ya know like Hello Kitty Douches and the like.

Anyway. I was searching for Hello Kitty things, and I found this and honestly, I began to think (Not about having kids now, just in the when it happens)

My kids will be tortured.

I’m sure I’ll have a little boy first. I just have this feeling about it. I have a feeling we’ll (Scott and I) be cursed like my mom was, and have mostly boys. (Can hear the cries of anger) Not that she doesn’t love you, and not that I won’t love my prospective children, but Scott and I both really want girls. (Huzzah!!) Because over all little girls tend to be more obedient than little Boys….. and we like that idea. Anyway. I’ll torture the boys by submitting them to my hello kitty love. I’m serious. I’m freaking ninteen years old and married, and the quickest way to make me happy is say “I got you something Hello Kitty!” Because honestly, It makes people smile. Anyway. I found Hello Kitty sheets too, for a crib.

Yes, they will be tormented….. bwahahaha!

Oooh, and Scott and i could have Hello Kitty Sheets too! Niiiiice.

Just kidding. heh.

I have a theory. I think it’s pretty true…. Women who don’t work, have kids because they’re bored, and need something to do. (Taking care of a kid is a full time job!!!) Whereas working women have something to do (a job outside of the home) and aren’t as bored, and thus don’t feel the need for children as much.

Maybe this is a good time to mention I’m looking for a second job!!! I want to keep the one i have at Gamestop, the guys here are great, and I love working there. I have this phobia (I don’t know how The Specialist and Wudan overcame it) of working a real job. Ya know, nine to fivers that are tough and require you to be smart and stuff. I can seriously BS my way through the day at my work– because it’s only a few hours. You all know i think The Specialist is the (second now) most brilliant person in the world. (Scott being the first) I don’t know how they get real jobs (I have no skills. I have them, but they are not so polished… I just don’t feel like i’m worth more than the other people who may be applying.)

I don’t know how to explain it. I want another high school job, so Scott and I can afford things (Like an apartment, and food. We can have one, just not both at this point.) I need a job. I need to grow up… and i feel like a dork for wanting two jobs that are unimpressive, instead of one good one.

Derringer Meryl [Geekazoid] Out

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