End of the Year Recap

I sure as hell nothing major happens tomorrow, and if it does, i can edit this post.

Last year I wanted to accomplish in 2011:

Debt Debt debt. I will pay off RC willey, however I will incur new debt in fixing the roof. I hope to have that paid off this year too! Well, I think I incurred more debt than paid off, but we are always doing our best to work towards it.
Find happiness in my life. – I believe so. I feel that my life has taken many turns for the better this year. Many happy things have happened, and I feel like I have gained a peace that has alluded me for some time.
Keep my house in order – Uh. Yes? I would say I have my house hold duties more in hand now than I have before. But I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.
Grow Closer to the Lord – I feel like I accomplished this. I have attended the temple more frequently and regained my temple recommend ( renewed it pdq if ya know what I mean)
Cook more – Yes! I did a lot more home cooking, and while a long with my house being in order,ย  I am not perfect, I feel like planning my meals out and finding more crockpot friendly recipes has been useful!
Attend a Concert (Out of the blue right?) – Yes! My dearest brother took me to a concert. I must text him and remind him he did that instead of getting me a present. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We had a great time, and quickly realized we’re getting too old for that stuff, haha.
Finish some quilts – Well, I did two this year, Scott’s quilt and my robot quilt. I have two on the back burner still, and a third that is burning in my brain– I will need Sukie’s assistance.


New goals:

More church attendance: WE still stink at this! I will set the meager goal of at least twice a month. (SAD!) All of us, in the chapel, butts in pew.

More Temple attendance. I would like to go at least once a month.

I would like to accomplish ONE goal on my bucket list

(I will make this easier) Pay off more debt than we incur. Last year we were bad, This year we will be SO good. So very very good.

Potty train Audrey (SHE BETTER!) At least give it a go.

(I will wish for this every year) Become a SAHM. Even if it is the last day of the year. i will still work for this goal every day.

Monthly Date nights with Scott (even if it is dinner at home and netflix or recorded TV) MONTHLY!

Double the word count in my book (legitimately, no typing OK or banana 25k times)


2011 Recap:

Got a new job. pretty much straight out of the gate, I started working at BH. Love it, btw.

Finished the Yoshi quilt (PRIDE!)

Got moved to Chats at work (love it!)

7 years Married to Scott. (I love you Scott. you’re my hunny bunny)

became insanely obsessed with portal Toying with a portal quilt idea

Got off of sunday’s at work

Went through the Temple with Scribbles

Got promoted at work (Level 2)

Scribbles got Married ๐Ÿ˜€

Went to see Joco and TMBG with Dax

Got promoted to trainer at work ๐Ÿ˜€

Merry Christmas

happy birthday

and a happy new year ๐Ÿ˜‰


Derringer Merylย  [Don’t hate me for forgetting you, I’m tired] Out




New Year Recap 2010

Oh Lawdy, here we go….

Goals for 2010:

Save Money– Nope. Not really. we’d get there, and then a catastrphe would happen, and BAM, gone. So just a clean solid, No. Luckily we have a plan right now. I’m in control, and dang it, it’s going to happen.
Pay off debt (Most importantly RC Willey, and Scottโ€™s Car) – Also No, THough we did get RC willey paid down, the car wasn’t paid more than usual. Also have a plan for this.
Have a great time at Disneyland – Heck yes! I love Disneyland> I’d live there if I could.
Give Audrey a Great Party (whoo hoo!) – Yep. Good party, we all had fun, she was adorable too!
Become a Stay at Home mom – Uh no. There was a snafu that ended up wtih Scott taking a lower paying job, due to being laid off. In any case, the high falutin’ dreams of staying at home with my kids are being put off. Should I ever win the lottery, this will come back into play. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Spend more time with my kids and Scott – I know I can say Yes for the Scott one. WE have agreed on weekly date nights. They are often the highlight of my week. I do my best to spend the time ihave with my kids too. Sometimes though, I feel like they are constantly at a babysitter. I feel rotten about that.
Learn to Cook โ€ฆ better? More? Whichever, or both ๐Ÿ˜‰ – I have to say that more of our meals this year were home made than in the past. There is still plenty of room for improvement though.
Learn and grow more in the gospel – God works in mysterious ways. I think a lot of growth was to be had this year.
Sit IN the chapel more than once a (EDIT) month. – I would say that more often than not when we did make it to church, we did sit in the chapel. Which makes me immensely happy.
Potty train Katie (if sheโ€™s ready, and I think she is. ๐Ÿ™‚ – YES! Katie is pretty solidly potty trained, dry though the night, dry in the day, no accidents for a while. I am pleased!!! Such a big girl!

Goals for the new year? Why not. I am not disclosing all of my goals, I think some things are best worked out in private:

Debt Debt debt. I will pay off RC willey, however I will incur new debt in fixing the roof. I hope to have that paid off this year too!
Find happiness in my life.
Keep my house in order
Grow Closer to the Lord
Cook more
Attend a Concert (Out of the blue right?)
Finish some quilts

That’s all I can think of at the moment. If I think of more, I’ll come back and add them in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Recap. Hmm

Started Depression Meds
Scott got New job
Scott Got Laid off and hired a new place same day (thank Goodness!)
Went To Disneyland with DQ Had a blast
DQ Meets someone
Big Bro and Fam Come to visit
Audrey Says Mama!
I stop taking my meds…
Pep Is born
Kate turns 3! OMG!
Audrey Starts Scooting
Not taking meds is a bad idea
DQ is engaged! Huzzah
Go to Interview for new job
Start Therapy
Finally (a month later) hear back from job, GOT THE JOB!! YAY! I left Hell Job! HUZZAH!
Start new job
Quit therapy
Little JD is born!
Decide to dye my hair
shortly there after, decide not to
DQ gets married *tear, Sniffle*
Audrey Sliced my foot open. Ouch
Finish Little JD’s quilt
Repair Little G’s quilt
Start whole heartedly on Scott’s quilt
Decide to craft more for Christmas
Little G was born! So much love!
Turn… old. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s about it Folks. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something… or a lot of somethings. Don’t fault me. I’m brain dead.

Derringer Meryl [Love, peace, happiness] out

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2009, recap and goals

Time to review 2009 goals. So… here we go!

Increased Church and Temple attendance. This feels kind of personal, but I know i can do better than I did. How’s that for vague?

Have a happy Baby in July – Man oh Man, did I accomplish this! July 2, I had a beautiful Baby girl. She is happy and smiley and even when she’s in a bad mood (from teeth, that she got on Sunday December 27, 2009, Bottom right) she still manages to be sweet and charming. Huzzah!

Attend The Specialistโ€™s wedding – Yes. it was beautiful. We were a bit late. and we worried about leaving Katie out to play with Dax, but she was happy enough, and had a good time. Sweet girl. Amazing.

More Crocheting – Uh No. I still have not mastered the art of Crochet.

more Quilt work – I got Audrey’s Monkey Quilt done. Beautiful. I still need to take pictures LOL.

Get Katieโ€™s Big girl room set up – YES! Twice! She was set up in a big girl bed upstairs, and downstairs. Amazing, we rock!

Have a great 5th anniversary – I was huge and pregnant, so it wasn’t the awesomest Anniversary ever, but it was definitely not the worst. ๐Ÿ™‚

My Goals for the new year? Of course!
Save Money
Pay off debt (Most importantly RC Willey, and Scott’s Car)
Have a great time at Disneyland
Give Audrey a Great Party (whoo hoo!)
Become a Stay at Home mom
Spend more time with my kids and Scott
Learn to Cook … better? More? Whichever, or both ๐Ÿ˜‰
Learn and grow more in the gospel
Sit IN the chapel more than once a (EDIT) month.
Potty train Katie (if she’s ready, and I think she is. :))

(at the end of the year, In case I didn’t mention it in 2008, My BFF forever DQ moved in!)
Attended The Specialist’s and The Ballerina’s Wedding. Very Beautiful.
Found out that I was having my second little girl!
Scott took me out for a crazy romantic night at a B&B, and got me a pretty new necklace. ๐Ÿ™‚
Work got a WHOLE lot busier as they cut jobs and increased our work load. I am grateful that it was not my job they cut, even though we are usually fairly busy.
Got really sick, and spent some time getting rehydrated in the hospital
Picked out Audrey’s name. Beautiful. I am very happy with it.
Had to Call 911 for Scott
Had Audrey! ๐Ÿ™‚ Sweet girl of mine!
Finished Scott’s Book
Got my hair cut, LOOKS AWESOME!
Came up with a book idea, Leaving it floating in my head.
Got a Kidney infection ๐Ÿ™
Went trick or treating for the first time With Katie, She was Cinderella
Thanksgiving and new moon with DQ, Fun times!
Cars break, Katie loves Christmas
I turn 25… GOSH!
Derringer Meryl [year end review] Out

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I’m not controling, i’m …. uh– okay, so I am.

Happy New Year! Isn’t this exciting? it’s already 2004! Amazing, i’m sure you’re just as amazed as i am. If you’re not, you’re probably reading too many cynical novels, or some such garbage. Relax. Even if life sucks, you should laugh, cause none of it is gonna matter later anyway–

Well, as was apparent from the influx of customers at the local places of Religious merchandise, it’s a new year, which means New Years Resolutions. I don’t have a ton…. but that’s because i’m trying to keep them fairly simple, so maybe i’ll actually follow them…. right?

Loose Weight Yeah, i was sorta inspired by Alanis Morrisette’s You Oughta Know, that’s what really got me to wanting to loose weight. Mostly because the song is about a bitter ex. I want to go back to every single guy who ever said no, and remind him, and make him wish he’d said yes. *smirks* I’ve done it before, I can’t wait until i’m skinny enough to do it again.

Clearer Skin – This one sorta coincides with the above resolution though, the Acne Perscription is sorta depressing me. I have to cut out every food I enjoy and like to get clear skin. I mean, yeah, I like olives, but i can’t live off of Olives alone. Or Celery, and the like. The only meat it allows you to have is fish, and i have a deep detest for fish. Don’t ask me why, I used to love fish, and most of the time the kinds of things i loved as a kid I love now, but for some reason, fish didn’t carry over. Not to mention I have to take at least thirty pages worth of vitamin supplements. …. I hate that. I hate vitamins. *growls* I’ll do it though. I might even end up eating Fish too. *frowns* I hate fish.

Religious Resolve – It’s my observation that my family is full of religious wishy-washies. Very few of them actually take a stand on their religion, and the ones who do, take the “I don’t believe in it” stance. This year, i’d like to do better on my “I do believe in it” Stance. Maybe i’ll get some new and better friends too.

Loving Myself First – Trust me, when there’s a bash Meryl line, i’m first in it. Heck I think i lead the barrages on my self esteem, though I have to admit certain male members of my family don’t help much. It’s not like i need help identifying myself as a complete dolt. *frowns* But I’d like to love every part of me…. including my flabby stomach, and thighs. *shakes her fist* we’re not best friends…. my thighs and I.

to add, i’d like to make my cat stop sleeping in my room at night since he seems to have picked up the bad habit of sleeping in there, and then waking me up at all hours of the night. That’s really no fun. Ohh, and …

Do better at my Job – I’m the queen of the store, but when all you’re doing is garbage and alphabetization, it’s not hard to be queen. And since i’m the only girl who isn’t management– it’s uber easy… But i’d like to do better so if Artemis or the Mouth quit or something, i’d be able to move up, instead of being overlooked again! It’s getting a little depressing. okay, it’s getting a LOT depressing. I am going to get a management job, if it’s the last thing I do!!

Thats all i can think of. I need to work on scheduling out my next few months — so i can figure out what nights i can work and which I can’t.

Derringer Meryl [Not so Anal Retentive] Out

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Priorities, that’s the spice of life

Happiness all around.

Red has a guy friend from the net, whom she is totally and completely crushing on, I got a new pair of pants and two new shirts for all my trouble at work, and —

despite the fact that I don’t have new job, and I still live at home…. I’m happy. I mean how can I not be? My best friend is happy, and slightly link-ed-ish, so that’s happy news!

Oh and the new picture on the diary. Right. I got it from Eden (Click the artist link at the top, it’ll take you to Jason Chan’s website) and I goofed with it a little, hope Jason doesn’t mind…. ^_^;;

I’m working on finishing off my real journal soon, only fifty or so pages left. It makes me feel so GREAT when i finish a journal off. The next one I want to look like a comic book, it’s spiral bound and has Cat Woman on the front. It absolutely love it. It’s probably going to be my most colorful Journal yet.

I’m so happy, I went to (I really need to spend time thinking of nickname’s for my friends… this takes too long.) I’ll call him Monkey, because the monkey on my desk has the same name has him. ;D Well for the first time I went to his house sans Marco. It was nice, not that I didn’t get the grill when I got home because I went to his house (hello, with permission) and my mom forgot to ask if anyone else would be there. *sighs* It’s the catch-phrase of the moment, but I need to move out.

I know, maybe i’ll take some little certification classes like Excel and some other programs, and see what I can do. People want experience, and if I can be all certified, it’s certainly a start. I’m not sure if i’m into the whole college thing, I just want to write, and I want people to listen, I don’t know if I have to spend fourty years at college for that, or if i need to send my manuscripts to Oprah. whatever, i just need to get on the ball.


– Get a Good Job, Pays well

– Get a Car, Point a to b, runs etc.

– Move OUT, preferably sans roommate in the traditional roommate-ie sense.

There ya go. What I need to do. Sure, I’d like to take a few classes at the college, just because the college experience…. well, I think If I experience more things then my readers will be able to relate to me more.


Derringer Meryl [Teach Me Yoda] Out

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