My Sweet girls

two kids is … very different. So are my girls, already, with Audrey at one month.

Katie is fair Skinned, Blonde hair, and brown eyes
[So far] Audrey is olive skinned, brown hair, and blue eyes (I hope she keeps the blue eyes)
Katie looks like the H family
IMO Audrey looks like someone from the W. family… like my mom 🙂
Katie was/is really orally fixated even as a newborn, Katie still sucks on her fingers when she’s upset
Audrey could care less about sucking on a paci or comfort nursing. She only sucks when starving.
Katie is dramatic (always has been)
Audrey doesn’t get upset about much, even when hungry.

Just a few ways my girls are different, I’m sure it will be a LOOOOOOOOONG list as time goes on. I’m glad I’m taking the time to write this down right now because I’ll probably forget someday– and then I can have this to look back on.

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