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isn’t that interesting. I have a commenting system now. I’m so giddy! and it was fairly simple. 🙂 Just because Ihad someone babystep me through the whole ordeal. You might not be able to go back and comment on old entries, for some reason, I don’t know. Try it out, tell me what you think! you can now communicate with me!!

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Can i tell you i’m excited? I’m playing D&D this saturday with Scott, and I’m playing an elf (I seriously considered a hobbit, but ended up going with my first choice of Elf) Luckily i’ve read enoug Lord of the Rings Trivia to know some good Human Jokes. Heh. Ah yes, the IMDB is a good thing.

I changed my layout, obviously. I have to keep up with the jones’s, or the Specialist’s whichever. I haven’t changed mine nearly as much as he has, but psh, whatever. This is mostly because i found this elf picture,and it’s pretty cool.

Also in layout news, I figured out how to BOLD My dates and times so it doesn’t just blend in with the entry. Huzzah! I’m actually pretty ashamed of how long it took. I might end up going back and inserting another break between the date and entry. I dont’ know. *shrugs*

I had a good nap, from around ten to one, which is basically when i’m in school. I sluffed today (That is so a local word, if you don’t know what it means, too bad) and stayed home because I have moments of sincere ookiness. *nods, then laughs* I have moments of sincere Willow Channeling. Isn’t that great? If I could be like Pre-Wicca-Lesbian Willow, that’s alright. I wouldn’t mind. 🙂

Some of my contacts lost a brave war today. The war against small children, *shifty eyes* part of me wants them to learn a lesson, part of me knows I should have put them away– and another part of me wants to scream at their parents to watch them more carefully!

I can’t do that though. Mom wants everyone to get along while they’re here. Psh. Those were expensive contacts half a paycheck, Now how much I make isn’t the issue here (though it’s a very small amount) but imagine half of your paycheck just became a child’s play toy, to the point they were ruined.

Happy image, eh?

Then I pointed out to my brother they had trashed several pair, and he says “Yeah, Tht was Ewan” and I was pretty angry. Did he watch him trash them? Or what? I mean, C’mon! If he knows what kid did it, he should have reprimanded them, or something! I’m not hard core into punishing kids. In fact i’m a big sissy. I admit it…. But Ya know, when it gets down to SCREAMING because their parents are inattentive, and TRASHING expensive things…. That’s when it’s time for a fetching intervension. *hmph*

My Buffy Poster (I got it free, it’s my baby) got ruined. Kinda. I can still use it, but it’s getting pretty thrashed. it’s used to being on my door… I had to get a new toothbrush, mine was ever so nicely used in the tub (ew. I’m sorry, but ew.) They drew all over the walls in the extra bedroom (you can guess what i’ll be doing, scrub scrub!) Ruined one or two DVDs. And…. basically made me feeling like i’m living in some sort of wierdo prison.

Don’t get me wrong. I love kids. I just don’t love it when the kids are unruly, and very very VERY bad smelling (trust me) because their parents have decided to be a passive parenting type. i don’t enjoy the fact that nothing can be left out (including food) because “the hoards” can come and swoop them up. Ack!

Blah. i think i’m done Ranting. I’m going to go check on my precious Contacts, in my room, and see exactly how many died in the battle.

Derring Meryl [Saturday is a Special Day] Out

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Tired and stressed, and WORK

Here’s hoping you enjoy the new layout. if it’s hard to read, i may find time in my very busy schedule to fix it. if not, i’ll hire a chimp to do it. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Hi Ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work i go] out

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What’s my age again?

Have I mentioned that I broke 400 entries in this bloody thing rather recently?

Not to mention breaking eleven hundred hits. (not all unique, of course)

*laughs* I’ve just had the most….. odd and amazing day ever. It’s crazy. very Very crazy.

Part of me wants to scream it to the world… and another part of me wants to keep it just for me to know.

and maybe I should, since it’s a secret.

Derringer Meryl [Some secrets aren’t bad] Out

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Such an odd combination

New links up, nice eh? I thought so. *nods* added one for Antigone, who is the specialist’s wife. He calls himself “theorb77” so don’t get all scared, it’s the same person, I just call him something else here. 🙂 cause of the ever so good line from FMP “I’m not an Otaku, I’m a specialist!” which is what he is. He seems like a dork, who thinks he knows everything…. (I’m going to get beat on later for this) but he’s really smart, and does know a lot of things. It’s like he can forsee the future, which makes me wonder if he has some kind of contract with the devil…. heh. I’m so getting bruised tomorrow. Sad….

Tomorrow’s thanksgiving. Which reminds me of my random encounter today at the sev. (Which, for those of you who don’t speak dorkish, is the seven eleven.) This guy, and his mullet wearing child, turn and stare at me, like they’ve never seen someone like me before. Since i’m white, and have brown hair and brown eyes, I honestly Do NOT know how they could NOT have seen someone like me before, but i suppose it’s more of a saying than anything else…. anyway, they stare and nod at me for a few mintues… after debating whether i should tell him to take a picture and turn around — or just be polite, i land of course on the more logical “Be Polite” reaction, and thus smiled back. the Man asked if I was ready for the oncoming holiday. I continued to grin at the idiot who was grinning at me, and responded that I was ready. He said he was going to gain at least five pounds tomorrow. I simply smiled and waited for him to pay for his gas, so I could pay for my hot chocolate.

My mom says he was flirting with me. It seemed to me like a casual, but annoying, conversation, not flirting. Like when my dad starts talking to the clerk at the grocery store, and you can see their smile tighten as he rambles on about the price of broccoli or some such crap.

But, true to retail form, they remain polite.

Which reminds me again, i have work early on Friday. How fun. 🙂 Day after Thanksgiving Massacre, i’m sure it’ll be just as bad at our store. We’re having a sale, buy two used get one free. I’m grateful, maybe we’ll clear out some of the titles that are overflowing our Used sections. We’re ready for Christmas. 🙂 I am. I’m ready to get it over with…. *sighs* I’m SO ready. and of course, three days after Christmas, is my birthday…. Merylmas (Laughs, I think not) and I’ll be happy, and also nineteen. It’s great. It’s funny no matter how old I get, I still feel like a five year old. Great, isn’t it? I thought so *sighs*

I’m still debating with myself what to get people for Christmas. Whether I should be distant and aloof, or tender and warm (also known as OVERLY CLINGY) is totally up in the air. I also found a book today, that I’m not sure if I should get Gert or not. It’s Tony Bennett, Maybe I’ll write Friendjamin an email and ask him what he thinks. *shrugs* and i found a moose that i’m going to get Artemis. 🙂 I’m so happy!

Derringer Meryl [Giddy and confused] Out

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