Don’t Trust a Ho

Ok, So I love this song, I probably shouldn’t, but I really enjoy it 3OH!3 Don\’t Trust Me

I’m feeling: A bit Jaded.

I’m super tired, Katie woke up this morning at 5:30 or so, and was very very grouchy and active. I tried to sleep through it, but it’s hard. Poor Katie has parents who sleep all the time. I’m hoping I can scrape some energy together tonight to cook dinner (ravioli again)

we got my car fixed. It was the crankshaft. Apparently the sensor wasn’t responding aaand… It was making things weird. The car wouldn’t start twice, and died in an intersection once. I’m glad the car is working again.

I was excited for the Twilight movie, like REALLY excited, but then again — I remembered I can’t just leave Katie at home, so I won’t be going to see it on opening night. Not that anyone really cares– Most people (Besides drama queen, and jen, and my mom) don’t even read Twilight. But I love it.

I did a mini- Christmas list. I don’t really want that much this year. I can’t think of anything really. I’m sure Scott will come up with something good. He always wants such specific things that I can’t ever get it right w/o a Christmas list.  You know what I would love to have in my stocking?

Yeah I know I”m crazy. I love having coffee mate in my Hot Chocolate (my preferred Beverage for the holiday season) I’m getting really stoked about Christmas this year. I realize it’s not even Past Halloween — and that i”m totally jumping the gun. But what can I say– I love the holiday season.

I’ve been trying to debate on how we’re working out Thanksgiving this year. I thought about inviting both Scott’s and my family’s over for thanksgiving, but as I was discussing it with Jen, that’s 18 people! I’m not sure where I could fit 18 people. Then I thought Well Maybe I could just do Scott’s family since we all promised Lorna having Thanksgiving with her this year… But then I felt bad about not having thanksgiving with both families. If I were to fix even a portion of thanksgiving at our house, i would be far too tired to drive up to SLC to have pie, or even just to hang out. I feel torn in a way. Since Christmas is mostly Presents/hanging out and not eating, we make it to both family’s houses easily. But eating and cleaning at our own house and then going up to SLC– I’m exhausted just thinking about it. I’m not sure what I”m going to do, I got frazzled just making chicken enchillada’s for Conference. :-S And I won’t even discuss the hockey puck cinnamon roll disaster. STUPID CINNAMON ROLLS! I’ll KILL THEM!

I’m Slowly plugging away at transferring my entries over. SLOW and steady. 😉 Maybe by the end of october? I sure hope so. I need to take and get Katie’s pictures taken in her Little bo peep costume. We’re going up to the Zoo on Saturday, and then probably to mom and Dad’s 😉 So they can see her costume too.  (or maybe the other way around? I’m not sure. So indecisive today.)

Have I mentioned I have amazing views from my desk window? I can see such pretty foliage outside, it’s awesome.

Derringer Meryl [ The horror of our Love]

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