Just when you needed a boyfriend

Ever had those moments where you just wanted to run and hide in a box? Yeah, this is one of those moments. This is the moment that staples is on the phone and he’s talking to me, and i’m just… wondering why he thinks that Monkey and I are still dating.

You think i’d run with that idea, considering the fact that Staples is interested in me… but since i don’t think monkey would appreciate that very much, and i don’t need to be deluded at all.

So I told the truth. Aren’t you proud of me? I told the truth when it was harder. I told him that I wasn’t, and I hadn’t been since July.

I’ve never been so proud of myself. I feel like calling and telling Monkey right now — but instead, I’m going to go buy cake. Yes, fattening, thigh adding, waist thickening and tongue happy cake.

I don’t care. I told the truth. Good On me.

Derringer Meryl [Happy, and then Not] Out

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