College Recap

*hums to the music* Right, so i went to my first day of school, in like, forever… okay it’s like my normal break from school, only i go monday through thursday (also known as rsday) and it’s only an hour class. I don’t know anyone, but the teacher is funny, and cusses from time to time– so i’m good.

I have a class later on this evening, Church history… which i’ll be attending with my brother, maybe. *shrugs* He’s the passive king and sure i might be the princess of “Idontwanttostanduptomyparentssoilljustdowhattheysay” but i’m far from passive, I have a bit of a back bone and i attempted to get the point across that i can make good choices all by myself.

The thing is, *coughs, then clears her throat* Why I don’t want to be in College by Derringer Meryl

First, I feel WAY-Y-Y-Y out of place because… well i feel like i’m five years old, despite the fact that i’m not, when i’m around people who attend college. They talk and the lingo makes me feel out of place.

Second, I have the maturity level of an amoeba, or the average College Age boy, which ever you choose to pick. I’d go with the amoeba. At least they asexually reproduce, and, they ask a girl before they begin to grope…. Just kidding. 😀

Third, and last, because you sit in silence before the professor comes in. I mean stone dead silence. Like you’re getting ready to take the SAT and no one can talk because it’s against the rules… cause you might cheat. I hate the silence, and I hate everyone being on different schedules, because… *shudders* i can’t pay attention because i have ADD (if you couldn’t tell by the way i write sometimes…. Ohh. Chicken….) right, and so the other noises, and movement, distracts me.

Back on the meds, you say? Never, i’d rather get my brain pumped full of lead first. Depending on my medication bothers me… but then again, i did pay (err should i say my parents paid) four-hundred dollars for the class, I guess i’m going to have to whore myself back out to the medication. *shakes her fist* stupid medication. Grrr.

Anyway, I’m dead tired. I’m not joking. This class runs into my sleeping time. Good smooth sweet sleeping time. *gurgles* Oh how i miss you sleepy time…. right. So I think i’m going to go do the happy sleep thing, and then I’m going to go… *yawn* to my other class, the one, with the religion… and the learning… and yeah, I’m going to sleep now. Adieu

Derringer Meryl [ZzZZzzZZ] Out

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