Stay Classy Utah….

Stay Classy, Indeed

*cough* if you are currently pregnant and talking about the unfortunate issues that arise for some women during pregnancy, I highly suggest avoiding the above link in addition to the rest of this blog. I love you, dear pregnant women.

…. Seriously. Are you still reading… ? Ok.

that being said, I think you can tell where this is going, and if you aren’t like me, and want to argue about abortion/miscarriages, I suggest you take it somewhere else. This is my blog, and it is also going to stay CLASSY. 😉

I feel that no woman should ever have to make the decision to have an abortion, or a D&C, or has to get excited from seeing a positive pregnancy test only to find herself bleeding a few days later. Or to excitedly go to her doctors appointment only to hear the devastating “I’m sorry there’s no heartbeat, Your baby has ceased.” How Horrible. However, why should women have fear of having a miscarriage? Often (as my doctor told me) it is a natural process that your body goes through when the baby is unable to support it’s self. 🙁 It’s horrible. So emotional. Can you Imagine going through that, and then having to be investigated and recall what you had done for the past few weeks to determine if you had done anything intentionally or accidentally reckless that may have caused your miscarriage? How heart breaking!

I am pro-choice. Mostly because while I don’t believe in abortion myself, I feel that God wants us to have choices available to us.  I think that this should be a choice people have available to them without killing themselves too. I can’t explain it. I do believe very deeply in adoption as well, I think it’s a beautiful thing for one person to do for another.

What Utah is doing is just plain wrong. 🙁

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  • Carolyn

    ok yeah i read it. Is it a seriously considered law? b/c thats just plaid stupid. ok so maybe someone who doesnt want to be pregnant will try to induce a miscarriage but i would guess that the vast majority of miscarriages are unintentional.

    A friend of mine’s mom actually tried to induce a miscarriage when she was pregnant with my friend. It didn’t work (obviously) and so she gave her a name that means “Live longer” basically b/c she couldn’t kill her. I would guess that most attempts to intentionally miscarry are not successful, though I don’t know for a fact.

    Comment | February 24, 2010
  • Jeff Smith

    I am torn on the subject. The issue of abortion is a complex ethical issue. It is filled with many unknowns and deep emotions.

    That being said I keep seeing articles like the one you posted; so I have been doing a bit of research on this bill. The bill was submitted after an expectant mother tried to pay someone to beat her up because she didn’t want to go through the approved abortion process. Inducing a miscarriage is a dangerous thing.

    I am torn by this subject because I strongly believe the right of the individual. Choice is the unquestionable the top of list of ideologies. There are many choices leading up to that decision. If someone intentionally induces a miscarriage it is the same thing as choosing an abortion. If it is late enough in the pregnancy it would be a late term abortion. We, as a society have decided abortion is acceptable while late term is not.

    The problem is once it is legislated we start down a dark path. If a miscarriage is caused by neglect (poor diet, inappropriate activities,etc) is that intentional? Does paying someone to beat you up so you will miscarriage count as intentional? I think so but I am not willing to judge the other situations.

    It might sound harsh but I think intentionally inducing a miscarriage is a cowardly and dangerous thing to do. Especially considering there are choices that can prevent the situations or safer ways to handle it if it does. If the baby dies because a miscarriage was intentionally induced late in the pregnancy it is murder.

    That being said I wouldn’t support this law because of different reason than you. Judging intent is extremely difficult. Investigating even one mother who had a miscarriage not intentionally induced would be a horrific.

    Comment | February 24, 2010
  • admin

    The thing is that most miscarriages are early and undetected because it’s what they call a chemical pregnancy. In any case… There are things that I sit and think during my “angry self deprecating time” about all the things that I “may” have done to accidentally cause my miscarriage. this just terrifies me. there are too many “what ifs” to consider in these situations. It’s scary. It’s a horrible thing that woman did– but on an other hand can we really regulate what people do to themselves? It does indeed seem like a slippery slope which will cause a lot of issues. I agree that judging a case like this will be hard. 🙁

    Comment | February 25, 2010

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