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Scott apparently wasn’t feeling up to par this morning, but I forgive him (not that I really think he noticed I was ticked) for being ill (since I consider his lack of sleep his fault.

About the interview(s)… yeah, So I went to Myfamily.com today, and did my first interview. The first girl I talked to was very enthusiastic and enjoyed my personality and we seemed to mesh. So much that I didn’t even get asked all the questions on the chart for our interview before she decided that I should talk to her supervisor (I think) about getting a job right away. This happens to be an odd perdicament for me… possibly the first time in my life I’ve related more to a woman than a man when it comes down to an interview. I think I was uberly uneasy because we were in a room alone together. Not that I couldn’t have taken the freakish shrimp if he had tried anything, I just feel weird. I realize I’m alone with my male co-workers all the time, but I think this just felt different. There are windows on my store, so if any molestation happened, I could just run out. THere were weird locks, and if you’ve ever worked (or been to) a call center place, those things are like mazes. I was so confused. Blah. There weren’t many people around either.

So, I was a tad bit more nervous for my second interview. (Read: FREAKINGLY nervous) Scott doesnt’ really want me to work for Myfamily.com because it’s really far south (south provo. fourty five minutes away. ick.) and because apparently they suck. All I want, is a new job, because GS isnt’ cutting it.

I pretty much want to do anything that pays enough to get me out of the basement.

Derringer Meryl [lovin’ you] Out

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