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Happy December everyone! I love december, quite certainly the best (and most stressful) month out of the year. I’m really excited though. I can’t wait for Christmas.

As for thanksgiving, my house is still a total wreck from it. Isn’t that sad? yeah I know it’s horrific. but to be quite frank, I could sleep 15 hours a day and feel tired still and Scott– well he’s absolutely amazing and needless to say extremely exhausted anyway.  It seems like every weekend has a plan or activity, So i don’t see our house improving soon. Except it has to. Maybe after my appointment on the 15th I can clean a little.  I have been wondering about going on some anxiety medication possibly as my anxiety levels are crazy through the roof about everything! I’m trying to do my best to stay calm, but sometimes I just can’t. I worry about ridiculous stuff, I worry about serious stuff. I worry all the time.

Katie has caught another cold, which is unfortunate, the most unfortunate thing about it is, her increasing bad attitude and her inability to use a pacifier while sleeping. So that means no one gets sleep around here but her, and when she is sleeping she’s making you hold her in an uncomfortable position. LOL! She’s wearing some 24 month clothes now. They’re a bit tall on her yet, but overall, I say a good fit. I”m glad that’s what I got her for Christmas Pj’s! whew!

Scott likes to play this “game” every Christmas to see if he can figure out everything under the tree I got him. 😛 What a jerk. Of course he did it this year because he logged into my work computer and checked my internet history!! what a jerk!! I like to be suprised. But apparently he doesn’t. I knew that already since his parents had to be so tricky about wrapping and hiding presents. I’ll admit it made me really sad when he knew everything he was getting because I had worked really hard to figure out something exciting and suprising to get him. 😛 Whatever. It didn’t work out. I told him next year I’m going to donate all of his money to Child’s play and let kids who really appreciate the stuff they get be excited.  In any case…. I’d return it all If I could and just tell him that’s what he gets (my family does stuff like this! We’re pretty bitter about SNOOPING and PEEKING)  but since it was ordered online, It’s really too much of a hassle to return it. 😛 Oh well.

We’re moving downstairs at work, for a few weeks while we get new cubicles. I’m sad to leave my desk as I love my window, and I unfortunately will not be near the windows downstairs… not like I am up here… Oh well. I feel much more cheerful looking outside. At least it’s just a few weeks, right? Hopefully.

I’m feeling weirdly optimistic today. Like life is ok. Which is odd for me. I’m usually fairly “realistic” or you could say pessimistic. So I’m feeling oddly good.

Derringer Meryl [happy day] out

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