Twilight Rant

I am of the opinion that if you pick up Twilight, and read it for what it is, you will more than likely enjoy it. If you read it for what it isn’t (that is it’s not a literary classic, not Robinson Crusoe, Pride and Prejudice, or War and Peace) you’ll probably end up griping about how hollow and vapid and annoying the characters are.

But here’s a wake up call, the book is for teenagers. It’s about teenagers. So calling it vapid, shallow, and one-note is all pretty– well freaking redundant to be frank. NO DUH it’s not a mine of literary gold, it’s a fun peice of literature. A good read, a quick read, and I love them. I have all of them. I would like to re-own all of them, and then someday i would like to fall down at Stephenie Meyer’s feet and say “I love you. It’s my birthday. I’d like to keep you in my pocket so you can tell me all the wonderful things that are going through your head.”
(Those of you in the H family will know that Stephenie Meyer will look at me weird and spend the rest of forever thinking of me and Scribbles and making scary monkey that lives in the closet face)

Seriously though, if you wanted a deep meaningful novel that is going to tell you the meaning of everything and everywhere, and has a nice little moral all wrapped up for you at the end… Try Tuesdays with Morrie– but don’t go panning for literary gold in the Young Adult Section. Now who’s being infantile?


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  • Drama Queen

    Pocket-sized Stephenie Meyer? I approve!

    Comment | November 19, 2008
  • Carolyn

    What’s the deal with scribbles?

    Comment | November 20, 2008
  • admin

    She has met Smeyer, and her mom said “It’s her Birthday” and Scribbles swears up and down Smeyer looked at her funny. I told her that Smeyer thinks of her every day, and one day she’ll be outside of the house and she’ll make that face at her…. because she’ll be driven insane by thoughts of Scribbles all day and night.

    Comment | November 20, 2008

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