Baby names

We don’t have any. OK. we don’t have any we agree on. What an update right? Scott likes Tycho Li for a boy and has no names for a girl. I have a passel of boy’s names I like that Scott hates (a passel being three apparently: Emmett LaMar,  William Alexander, Gabriel Tycho) or at the very least really dislikes. I like older sounding names that can be shortened. Emmett doesn’t really fall in there, but William to Will and Gabriel to Gabe. I also like Other names like Wesley and Levi, but have no coordinating middle names for them.

As far as girls names go, we are pretty uninspired. I like Brynn Leigh. But I don’t like Brinn Leigh. Which is purely aesthetics. I know, spelling shouldn’t matter, and for that matter why two ‘n’s? why not just one? I don’t know. I like the way it looks. Another name I really like is Petra, as well as Kara.

Scott has been stubborn about talking about names. Apparently my doctor won’t let you try an ultrasound prior to 20 weeks, so I’m SOL until later next month. I’m so jealous. Scott and I are antsy to find out. Mostly me. I’m such a planner that I want to figure out which way I need to go… Do I need to plan for a bunkbed, or just a Big girl Katie bed? I definitely need to get her a “I’m the big sister” shirt. 🙂 OY! Crazy.

Last night as I was waiting for an appointment I saw a little boy running around. He looked like he was probably around 15 months or so. He was cute. I realize I’m not dreading having this baby, I’m dreading going back to having A baby. Where they can’t talk to you, and they can’t tell you anything. I was getting so used to Katie’s ability to tell me yes or no or even specifically what she wanted for lunch. It is so nice (In exciting Katie news, she ate a whole corn dog for lunch without any extra goading. YAY!) I’m not looking forward to going back to the vomit and the crying and the late nights and middle of the night stuff. BUT, time marches on and just like Katie, our new baby will get older.

Hopefully he’ll get older with a name that I like.

Derringer Meryl {I just call it ‘Him’ because that’s my prerogative] Out

PS: Scott would like me to add that he thinks the name Emmett LaMar is Ugly. I would like to add that I think it flows well, and that Scott is a dork. LOL. Just kidding. How about this? We both toss out the boys names the other person doesn’t like. So you can drop Tycho Li and I’ll drop Emmett LaMar. OK?

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I should be banned….

From discussing Twilight. I really should.

Other than saying that, i don’t want to get into it. I forsee being more than potentially offensive.

I haven’t been as sick lately, I always think that and then the next mornign I hurl. The weird thing is I threw up yesterday. I have to blame all this vomiting on the baby, but mostly it hasn’t been so bad. I had some heavy things weighing on me, and I was struggling to talk to Scott about them, I finally did and felt way better. I always get down and feel horrific when i don’t talk to Scott about stuff. It’s just my body’s way of forcing me to communicate.

I”ve been trying to work on getting Katie less phobic of me leaving in the morning and at lunch. She really has been freaking out in the worst way. It’s hard for Scott (as her fits last forever and are very patience draining) and it’s hard on me, because I leave the house with the memory of my baby screaming her guts out about Mommy leaving. it’s been tough, but we’re working at it.

I drill Katie on words and names. Saying “drill” makes it sound bad. It’s a session of “can you say _______?” and then she’ll try to say it. So far she can say a lot of names. She can say Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad, (from here on will be fake names, but 😉 she can say your real name if you’re on this list) Squirt, Sukie, The Specialist, The Ballerina, and Wudan. Crazy right? I asked her to say Dax, she just looked at me and went back to what she was doing, I think she might have been at the end of the game, because she wouldn’t say anything again. And a couple of times when I asked her to say Sukie, she said Squirt instead. LOL

Awesome. I’m having a pretty good day. Enjoying myself. I wish Scott was having just as good of a day as me. I need to get him a special treat for dealing with a horrific Katie all day. She has trashed the basement and has been throwing fits like HORRIBLE. I am calling him now to see if he needs anything. (Haha, Katie is screaming “SCOTT” at him. It’s adorable and horrible all at once.)

I will have to think of something awesome. Maybe I’ll pick up Katie from home and take her out so he can relax.

Derringer Meryl [darn Screaming babies] out

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Hey Time…

Thanks for saying what I so obviously couldn’t.


“Meyer’s religious upbringing taught her something few writers grasp, that fantasies can be about restraint as well as excess. Sometimes nice girls do finish first.”

What a day. It’s been snowing since I went to bed last night, and to be quite honest, I wish it’d stick to the mountains. I’m glad I don’t work in Park City or something. It’d be disgusting to haul my butt up the canyon each day in this horrible weather. I don’t even like hauling myself to work in this weather! I appreciate the precipitation– but if it could give us just a little break… enough to salt the roads and for Scott to clear the drive… I’d be happier.

So I went to the doctor yesterday. I wish I had picked an earlier appointment. I had the feeling the doctor wanted to rush out the door and go home. Anyway, my BP was HIGH (like 168/99) and the doctor was going to medicate me, but he decided to take my BP again… This time with a large cuff. At this point in the story I’d like to pause and say …. WTH? why were they using a small or medium cuff on me anyway? So I look small or medium? These nurses take my weight right before taking my BP (My weight BTW, hasn’t gone up at all this pregnancy. WOOT ME!) So I don’t know why after seeing that number they don’t say “OH she’s obese, let’s use a LARGE CUFF?!” Also, btw, they are taking it over my sleeve. Shouldn’t that indicate using a larger sleeve as well? In any case… They use the large cuff– and hey, what do you know, it’s like 117/71. Who would have guessed. I wish I could pin the cost of the extra tests he ran on them. I wish doctors would start simple and work up to dangerous things… instead of the other way around. Isn’t the simplest answer usually the CORRECT answer? Sheesh. In any case. Problem solved. I’ll still be watching my sodium intake (DUN DUN DUH!) so as to not aggravate any underlying problem I might have with my BP, but I won’t be worrying about it either.

I need to call about getting an appt with my bishop when I get home tonight too. I need to get on the ball and get my recommend, I’m running out of time to do it! It’s tough fitting everything in, especially working so late– but as long as I have a recommend in my hot little hand by 2/7, I’ll be giddy as a school girl.

I got my crochet needles for my birthday from Scott last week. As well as a plethora of blue yarn to make slimes with. It says to use an E crochet hook, but I’m thinking I’ll use something larger to help myself learn. Once I am comfortable, then I’ll use a smaller hook 🙂 I also need to find out how to reliably make the magic ring….It’s hard to do with Katie around… She wants to play with the hook and throw the yarn. Drives me crazy.

I watched all of Anne of Green Gables this weekend, and enjoyed it immensely. Except for the last movie wher Megan Follows sounds like she’s been smoking a pack a day for 40 years. Also I don’t find it terribly romantic, which the first two are, and have a pretty soundtrack. The second one takes place mostly during the war, on the front line,  so it’s a lot of exploding…. also, WTH, why would Anne give up Green Gables to that two faced horrible friend Diana who is putting on airs and it never really explains why they need a house at all… I guess they lost their big one? BLERG!

Anyway, it was a great gift, Scott really secretly appreciates it because it means he can sleep all day and Katie and I will hunker down and watch Anne in the basement. He said it was the best sleep he’d had. YAY for sleeping.

Derringer Meryl [secret sleepings] Out


Suddenly Inspired

A girl on my message board just asked if any of us had prepared taxes professionally for a tax prep company. Which obviously, if you’re reading my blog you know I professionally get yelled at by people. It’s a job. 😉

Anyway. I responded that I usually do Turbo tax, but that my SIL (Sister In law for those who don’t chat in girly forums often) has done it for me before and that she works for a company doing accounting stuff. (This is Sukie, in case you’re dense) And then I said something that had never really occured to me. (you know just one of those things you never really think about) I said, that I am really proud of her. 🙂 It’s the truth. I don’t spread my affections too much to her (or for that matter any other SIL’s as I usually just stick with reminiscing about my brothers and how they picked on me, but have also been really sweet.) but it’s true. Sukie and I have had rough patches, but really, I love her. She’s an awesome SIL, and I know even if we’re fighting, I can call her and if I need something she’ll be there for me. She’s always very thoughtful of others, she loves to laugh, and have a good time. I really appreciate her.


I am the queen, today, of being icky. I feel icky. My back kills.  I don’t know why my back hurts so bad this pregnancy. I would mention it to my doctor if it didn’t mean another battery of tests that are completely unnecessary and painful…. and expensive. My doctor is cautious. Which is great to have in a doctor. But it’s also horrible when this baby wasn’t really expected and you don’t have $5000 saved up for tests and such. UGH. I bet my back just hurts because 1) Overweight, duh. 2) I injured my back in the 90’s babysitting, and 3) I’m pregnant. So there you have it. I hope it goes away. I will admit I haven’t taken anything for the pain today– but (!) I am planning to later after I’ve ate something.

I’m 13 weeks now. And it depends on who you ask if I’m still in the first trimester or not. Either way it should be done SOON. Which means it’s 7 weeks (approx.) until I can find out what I’m having. IF you want it in days, it’s about 48 days. 🙂 or 49. I’m not sure which, my pregnancy tickers can’t agree with how far along I am. I have had two headaches in the past week, but neither seemed to be high blood pressure related. I am trying to keep my salt consumption down, and my fresh fruit and veggies consumption up. Just to keep everything on an even keel. It’s hard though– I won’t lie. I’ll also let you know I’m seriously pumped up about eating some chinese chicken salad. I’m planning on putting some together with my Christmas Cashews. YUM YUM YUM! (yes I know this blog post is all over the place)

I’m going to go off and play for now. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Something Silly] Out

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Baby Pool

Whoo. Go there, and guess my friends.

I don’t know what’s up with me and vomiting, we were on friendly terms, a gag here and there, but yesterday it was like I saved up all my morning sickness for one day and just had a puke fest. WHOO. Am I glad that’s over. Scott was super supportive, and Katie did as best as she could being 19 months and all. She didn’t understand why mommy didn’t want to cuddle and hug and hold her. I felt miserable. Scott got me crackers and made me toast and got me some sprite. I appreciated it. At 4 am (what started the puke fest IMO) was Katie puking from having TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE. She’s not unlike her mom who (upon eating too many sweets) pukes her guts out. so i had to toss her in the bath after removing two puke soaked layers I had to wash her hair (puke in it) luckily Scott came home on his break to save me and help me clean up puke! My amazing sweet awesome husband of mine– Not to mention he’s been super sweet about all the snow that’s been gently floating down. If only the ice was as nice about me falling to the ground… which I haven’t done yet.

I’ve told most everyone, but my dr’s appointment on monday went mildly well. My doctor was glad my BP went down a little, but apparently it wasn’t enough as he’s now ordering me to pee in a jar. Yay, urine collection! I’m not too thrilled about it as my time… well there isn’t a ton of it and lugging a jar of pee around for 24 hours isn’t something I relish.  Also, you have to keep it cool. That is to say, keep the pee in your fridge. UGH. Not to mention this weekend is the best weekend to do it as I only have two parties (i know, right? That’s the “best” weekend??) and they are mostly home parties. I figure if I go to party A (with my family in SLC) and just not pee the entire time… and then the other party is all around in the valley, so I should be good if i need to pee, I’ll just hold it until I get home, or I’ll be at home 🙂 Plus I’m not a huge drinker of drinks (non alcoholic of course) so I don’t usually need to pee often.

UGH. SO if I leave parties early, or if I seem awfully grouchy this weekend. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

The other half is extreme violence.
Derringer Meryl [Battle] out

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