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A girl on my message board just asked if any of us had prepared taxes professionally for a tax prep company. Which obviously, if you’re reading my blog you know I professionally get yelled at by people. It’s a job. 😉

Anyway. I responded that I usually do Turbo tax, but that my SIL (Sister In law for those who don’t chat in girly forums often) has done it for me before and that she works for a company doing accounting stuff. (This is Sukie, in case you’re dense) And then I said something that had never really occured to me. (you know just one of those things you never really think about) I said, that I am really proud of her. 🙂 It’s the truth. I don’t spread my affections too much to her (or for that matter any other SIL’s as I usually just stick with reminiscing about my brothers and how they picked on me, but have also been really sweet.) but it’s true. Sukie and I have had rough patches, but really, I love her. She’s an awesome SIL, and I know even if we’re fighting, I can call her and if I need something she’ll be there for me. She’s always very thoughtful of others, she loves to laugh, and have a good time. I really appreciate her.


I am the queen, today, of being icky. I feel icky. My back kills.  I don’t know why my back hurts so bad this pregnancy. I would mention it to my doctor if it didn’t mean another battery of tests that are completely unnecessary and painful…. and expensive. My doctor is cautious. Which is great to have in a doctor. But it’s also horrible when this baby wasn’t really expected and you don’t have $5000 saved up for tests and such. UGH. I bet my back just hurts because 1) Overweight, duh. 2) I injured my back in the 90’s babysitting, and 3) I’m pregnant. So there you have it. I hope it goes away. I will admit I haven’t taken anything for the pain today– but (!) I am planning to later after I’ve ate something.

I’m 13 weeks now. And it depends on who you ask if I’m still in the first trimester or not. Either way it should be done SOON. Which means it’s 7 weeks (approx.) until I can find out what I’m having. IF you want it in days, it’s about 48 days. 🙂 or 49. I’m not sure which, my pregnancy tickers can’t agree with how far along I am. I have had two headaches in the past week, but neither seemed to be high blood pressure related. I am trying to keep my salt consumption down, and my fresh fruit and veggies consumption up. Just to keep everything on an even keel. It’s hard though– I won’t lie. I’ll also let you know I’m seriously pumped up about eating some chinese chicken salad. I’m planning on putting some together with my Christmas Cashews. YUM YUM YUM! (yes I know this blog post is all over the place)

I’m going to go off and play for now. 🙂

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