Ok, I swear

I did my hair. Scott can vouch. I was trying to upload it on the way to the girl’s dentist appointments today.

I kind of got side tracked… by the need for a root canal on my not even 4 year old girl. GOOD FREAKIN GRIEF! Life is interesting. I feel like a really big failure as a mom. Like I Wasn’t trying hard enough. Didn’t brush her teeth enough. The truth is… yeah I didn’t make it a priority. My mistake. I shouldn’t wallow and act like I’m going to DIE because of it. THat’s just how life is. Rough. BUT ok. Stuff happens. And while a root canal isn’t “small stuff” I’m not going to rake myself over the coals internally. I will sternly remind myself that we are trying harder. Flossing, flouride-izing, brushing. We’re trying to improve — always. SO, no worries.

Anyway. Piggie tails, I did my make up, but I doubt by the time I got to Little P’s party that it looked any sort of good.

PS: I love you Lil’ P! Happy Birthday!

Off to bed. Dying of exhaustion. Hopefully friday I can catch up on laundry and house work!

Derringer Meryl [I think I need a hobby] Out

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30 day challenge


Makeup and hair everyday for 30 days. For me… this time a challenge from me to me!! Yes!!

Picture first day attached!!!

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I changed my mind….

From what to what?

I’m sure you’ll all breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not going to dye my hair…. yet. I looked in the mirror last night and I felt gorgeous, and I thought… “I can’t dye my hair when I look like this.” Mostly because while I felt beautiful and relaxed, i also thought “I’m TOO big to dye my hair funky colors” if I’m going to do it I’m going to be skinny and sassy.

So Look for crazy hair about 20 minutes after I lose 80 lbs. haha. I’m trying, again. Every day, every meal, I make a choice about my diet. It’s not a “I’ll do it tomorrow thing” it’s a continuous effort of “SHould I eat this? Should I be eating this much?” I”ll just have to keep trying.

Derringer Meryl [Hair] Out

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Time for another

….Good Idea, bad Idea.

Good Idea: maintaining your personality and relationships after having children.

Bad Idea: Going F’ing crazy and dying your hair a funky color.

Or is it?

anyway. Found a dress. Any and all hair dying exploits are currently not happening, there’s a wedding in two weeks that I should at least have my hair look good for. 🙂

Derringer meryl [Adventures in Bleach] Out

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