I have FINALLY gotten to Feb 2004, which is when I met Scott. Some people might say “Oh that’s that means more smooshie posts” and really I”m saying “YAY! Finally the disgustingly smooshie posts i’m writing are about Scott, and not some boy that I don’t remember his name!”

This weekend we’re going to Boo at the Zoo (YAY!) which will be simultaneously Katie’s first trip to the zoo and her first trick or treating expedition. So it’ll be awesome. I think i’ll even take our real diaper bag. Make sure she has a change of clothes, I can see her throwing a fit about being in her costume all day.

I’m working on Mandarin’s present still. I doubt I’ll be able to get all of my cohorts together to help me, but hopefully a few of them…. Once i’ve given it to her, I’ll even post a picture or two.

Things are ok with the house. We got new flooring in the entry and hallway. the old flooring was driving Scott crazy. I was much more mellow about it. And he thinks *I* have neurosis. LOL. My car has been acting up. Apparently the electricity connections aren’t running too well (?) and really need to be inspected. It wasn’t a problem prior to the weather changing, but my car has been having problems starting up πŸ™ Poor poor car. I sure hope we can get it fixed soon.

I have been increasingly trying to cook dinner instead of us eating out, i think we could save a lot (A LOT) of money if we didn’t just crave eating out all the time. It’s TOO convenient for me to just get something on the way home when I’m tired from work. I feel a really big responsibility to take care of Scott and Katie when I get home, to get the house cleaned up, andΒ  to get a few chores done. I tried to clean last night, Katie was having a hard night. At least (the very least) I swept the laundry room and bagged up the kitty litter (Scott took it out, along with the other trash) it was a good night. we watched How I met your mother (New favorite TV show!!), and Shawna came over trying to figure out her Halloween costume. She’s being a jelly fish.

We had dinner over at Carolyn and Erik’s on Sunday, it was a good time. We played bang, I died really fast (who would have figured) I watched a little Walk the Line which is one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed it, even if it was just the end. πŸ˜‰ We watched the first episode of How I met your Mother, which was funny πŸ˜€ I am in love with that show, and I am very nearly all caught up. I super love NPH, he’s my favorite. Katie hopped into the bath with Alice. Katie’ s a big fan of Baths. LOL, it’s tough being a mom sometimes because I have only 3 hours an evening to give Katie a bath,Β  cook dinner, watch TV, hang out with Scott (he’s usually sleeping though) This somehow reminds me that I have a monkey quilt in my closet begging to be finished. LOL! it’s hard to fit everything in that we want/need to do!

Saturday Scott wasn’t feeling well, so I did laundry and made Katie and I some mac and cheese. I picked out a couple of movies that she might like to watch (It was between robin hood with animals, or transformers) and Katie chose transformers. I watched Dr. Horrible again (SQUEE!) and watch a bunch of 30 rock (that I had already seen all of) Then we went to the store to pick up some essential items. I made sure we got some immitation vanilla as I had apparently run out. Our goal this weekend had been to unpack, however it didn’t happen πŸ™ I got my clothes fairly well organized and folded and put away, however, I don’t really count that as unpacking since most the clothes I unpacked had to go back into a box anyway (I found my box of maternity clothes. yay!)

We took Katie to Home Depot, and she loves it there, mostly because there are so many people and so much space to run. We took her to the christmas area (yes Christmas stuff already!) and she was giddy! She loved the moving lawn decorations, I’m fairly sure I”ll have to break down and buy a little dancing toy that sings Christmas songs. So much more space to decorate. Hopefully I’ll be just as excited later as I am now. πŸ™‚

Off to transfer more old posts πŸ˜‰

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