Swimming Anyone

Woah, that last post was a downer. Sorry. I think being in the basement has gotten me down. That and the blasted patch I have attatched to my body to prevent babies apparently has been known to cause depression too. Fun, eh? I like the smart people who call themselves doctors. I love it more when they F*&% me over like they do. Oh like the one time they put me on adderal, and it felt like the united states of America was living in my head. All of them screaming and crying and unloading their worst fears. Tens of thousands of tiny babies crying. I hated that pill SO F*&^$#@ bad. They didn’t even realize that it was making me crazy. Isnt’ that great?

Next week Scott is taking me swimming. I wasn’t too keen on the idea, but he says I can get a new swimsuit. (Wahoo!) And I’ve been looking around. I like this new board shorts trend that’s been happening lately with girls swim wear. (I”m a google nightmare, I can tell you that right now) I like how long they are, and I like my shoulders and back so I’m going to wear a tankini, with long board shorts, and a halter top. Awesome eh?

I’m sure it’s some sort of fashion faux pau (Sp?) for me to be wearing it, but honestly, until now, I haven’t ever worn a swim suit I”m comfortable with, and Dang it, I”m gonna find one, if i have to mix and match my way to heaven.

So, If you know of any good stores, let me know. I know Shopko is having a 50% swimwear sale this week (wahoo!) but the shorts are harder to find, i think I’m going to have to go to the buckle. I love the buckle (It’s a secret addiction) it’s a store made mostly for people Antigone and Sukie’s sizes, but I can try, right?

Derringer Meryl [Swimsuit Mania] Out

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