I finally got myself some sugar last night. I was so thrilled. I am a complete sugar addict, so the fact that i’m married to a diabetic can be a little tricky.

I had two slices of chocolate cake. and MAN was it good. I sorta got sick toward the end because the milk tasted kinda gross. Anyway. I’m happy. I decided that as a treat for Scott and I’s anniversary I’m getting a Granny B’s Cookie, the sugar cookie with pink frosting. I lived off of those in high school, every day for lunch– so you can see my sugar withdrawl woes, right?

I finished a lot of stuff up with Convergys today. I got finger printed, and did my five year back ground check. It wasn’t hard or anything, mostly just time consuming. I think I’m going to have to take and move my file cabinet from my parents house to here. I don’t really know why I haven’t yet, but since i’ll be moving soon (read: in a month) everything I’ve done now will have to be re-done. 🙂 Oh well. I don’t care. Being a grown-up is hard. THat’s what I’ve decided. i can remember wanting to be grown up when I was little, so I could do things without asking If i could or not, but honestly, I still have to ask.

I dont’ have to check with someone if I want to leave the house or anything, that’s fine…. but– yeah, I still have to worry about not spending too much. I would like to get some new clothes, so my pay checks are going to go a little toward that since I’m not fitting into as many of my clothes as before…. :S

Call me skinny all you want, but clothes don’t lie. Some part of me is getting bigger. *shrugs*

Derringer Meryl [burnt roof of mouth] Out

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