Peace to All Men, and Women, and Mou-ers

Merry Christmas.

Oh and for those of you, like me, who are wondering what Mou Means– it’s japanese, and it roughly means:

to mourn, to lament

Tada, aren’t i the little freak?

Right, um… well, i need to go finish watching Slayers and so… yeah. I’m pretty tired too. Not to mention I need to be up in roughly seven hours to open Christmas Presents. *smiles* Happy. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Joy To The World] Out

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So what if it’s bootleg?

Does NO ONE take pride in their work anymore? I mean, you buy some Bootleg anime, and you expect at least for it to play in your fetching DVD player. I have to admit that this is the first time that my DVD player has made sounds of STRAIN while trying to play a dvd. I mean it makes the hummy noises, that are normal, but it whirrs and chokes like death is at it’s door. It’s slightly fitting that the anime i’m trying to play is called Slayers isn’t it?

*sighs* Enough of the complaining about my anime that i’ve been waiting a week to watch, but now however cannot because of the crappiness of the quality. *grrs*

I went to see Brother Bear with Artemis and Dateless (or Undateless, if that makes any sense) The mouth and his ex…. while it felt nice to go and hang out with them, and i was quite pleased that Artemis invited me to come along– the movie BLEW. I think Disney has gone quite downhill, involved too deeply within macabre story lines. Certainly they have stopped producing children’s films and now simply produce them for the necrophiles of the world. It was nice that it was just the five of us in the theatre so we could scream at how stupid it was. The only redeeming part to the film were the canadian Elk (I think they were elk– or caribou i guess… which ever. Moose?? I have no clue… i’m wild animal illiterate) who were a blast. They made you laugh, and forget how dirty you felt watching a film where two of the main characters die within the first half an hour. Happies.

I THOUGHT I lost another contact down the drain… I really did. Then I was sewing today and my brother found it, on the counter. Damn thing went all invisible when it hit the counter, so I couldnt’ find it, i figured it had gone down the drain like it’s predecessor.

Lets see– Um. Poor Marco has Pneumonia (which is quite a kick since I had it too back in the day.) and I made him soup, and his wife some brownies. It was nice to see him, even if it was for five seconds before i had to scoot off to work (which went nicely…)

Anyway– I’m off to see if the nice customer service people are going to take the dang anime back….

Derringer Meryl [No Pride in Workmanship] Out

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School. Yeah…..

So– Yeah.

I have school today. *nods* So. *shifts her eyes rapidly* that’s…. um…. where i’ll be.

Have i ever explained to you that m y brain sucks? FIckle and shifty. I get crushes on the oddest… okay, not oddest…. but i used to be a good girl, who only went after one guy at a time… and now i’m confused. I want

I want


I want to do this and that

Hey, that’s just how girls are

One slip and it’s to hell you go

So you’d better not get in my way

Yippie for Lina Inverse. She’s my hero! *frowns* I’m more like Gourry than Lina (who is a red personality, whereas Gourry is Blue… 🙂 I wish I was more like her though. I simply have no spine. But that doesn’t mean i’m not loud and obnoxious like her…. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Aspiring Lina] Out

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Waiting for the Anime Onslaught

So many things– that i just wonder about. I’ve been getting out later, and later at work….. especially when i work with Gert. I know i’m not doing anything that’s different, so i’m wondering, what’s taking so long? *blinks* eh…

and so much for the idea of “Don’t point out pretty girls in front of other girls.” yeah. Every (or darn close to it) girl who walked by our store yesterday got a “How you Doin’?” from Gert. *frowns* but what am i supposed to do? I can’t say anything– I can’t do anything– Good Grief. I can’t say “Hey Gert, I think you’re pretty funny, I really like spending time with you– and the bottom line is– i really like you.” No. Cant’ do that. Want to know why?

CAUSE HE’S MY FREAKING BOSS, duh!!! You can’t say things like that to bosses. You can’t say things like that to people you work with for that matter. Thinking you can is fallible. You’re wrong. and if you for some reason think “MY case is different, it’ll work out for ME….” you’re just fooling yourself– you delusional freak. Heh. *whispers* though i’ve wanted to give him the address to my blog here for a while…


Oh, By the way, Happy October!!!

I bought the first DVD of Slayers today. I should be getting my copy of Inu Yasha and DN Angel soon too (tomorrow, or friday) and so i’ll be in Anime Heaven. 🙂

Time to cook dinner. Oh, and because of my special friend — i get to stay home and watch Angel. 😐 Ick about the friend. Yippie about the Angel!! 🙂

Derringer Meryl [off to cook some dinner] Out

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