One Long Week

First of all… TGIF

Nextly… let’s recap the week. Monday, i went to my dr’s appt, All is well. Our little one (stay tuned to the entry to hear her name) is still a girl, and smaller than Katie was when Katie was 21 weeks (Kate was already 1lb and then some, this baby is still only 15 oz, but they say it’s just fine!)ย  She got all the measurements and everything, and I started to feel VERY lightheaded. Turns out, the baby was laying on a blood vessel, that i kind of needed for… blood vessel activities… like… transporting blood and what not. But our Girl is still a girl, and I am still shocked!

Then the real fun kicked in. Scott had taken me out for a Belated Valentines get away, that we both really needed, and while we were off having fun, Katie was at Lorna’s vomiting up a storm. Poor thing. Well she thought she was having so much fun, she passed the junk onto me, which turns out, i don’t have the immune system of an almost 2 year old, and got pretty sick. I was agonizing at work with some bad cramps and bad stomach pains that eventually turned into vomiting (how embarassing) I was sick half of tuesday, fine wednesday (weirdly) and then sick on Thursday. ๐Ÿ™ I had to go to L&D my dr’s office said between the vomiting, and the crying (I’d done a lot) and various other forms of losing fluid I wasn’t getting enough back in. SO, Yeah. They sent me to Labor and Delivery. I have read enough blogs of L&D nurses to know that if you’re there before 39 weeks and you don’t have baby legs sticking out of you, they’re probably thinking you’re crazy for being there. Everyone was very nice though. I felt like a moron that I couldn’t hydrate myself well. i asked the nurse what I could do to keep things down better. She suggested that if i’m prone to gulping water (I am) to have ice chips or warm water (as it’s less refreshing but hydrates the same) poor scott got dragged with me whileย  I got to sit in bed (uncomfortable bed) andlisten to our babyย  kick the heartbeat monitor. She was having fun. At least someone was! LOL. They ran a bunch of tests, and found nothing wrong (over all) except a slight infection that I’ll be taking some meds for, but it wasn’t the root of my problem. They gave me a shot of phenegrine (or something like that) to help me not throw up. And man, the IV was great too (even though I hate needles, I knew I needed it to feel better) I came home and laid around for a while, and snoozed. I had like a handful of french fries and called it dinner. Yep. I’m a genius. I know. LOL. I feel much better today, and Have yet to feel like puking. I do think I’ll be resting tomorrow though to feel better. Also I need to round up someone to do nursery as I feel still pretty weak. I don’t want to pass this bug onto the kids (if possible, I’m sure if the parents knew they’d thank me!) I had plans of cleaning and laundry and such, but I’m fairly sure it will actually entail watching TV, and wrangling Katie…. and trying to let Scott sleep as much as possible.ย  Since Drama queen will be out, if anyone wants to come and help me wrangle Katie ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’re welcome to. But let’s not judge my VERY VERY VERY messy house, ok? ๐Ÿ˜€

Mostly right now i”m craving a BIG OLE BURGER. Something big and greasy you’d get at a good ole mom and pop’s burger joint. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  But, I’m trying not to push it. Heck this morning I thought I was pushing it with one of those mini breakfast sandwiches from BK

Oh, did you want to know the name? Since apparently some people know and others don’t and to be honest– I’m kind of forgetting who and who. Sorry. I’m just doing the mass “Hey guess what” type thing and just saying, yep her name is…. Audrey Sakura.

Don’t like it? Good for you ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s not your baby.

Derringer Meryl [need sleep… or food… or both!] Out

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Sick, and sicker

With Katie I pretty much felt OK in the evenings as far as sickness. Now it comes and goes– all day. I have to be continually stuffin’ food in my face to make it ok. Which kind of goes against my wishes to not gain too much weight this pregnancy ๐Ÿ˜› Oh well. I will try and be good– and do what I must.

To my siblings and friends, I’m sorry I bailed on movie night tonight– I was JUST so sick and tired. Since I was in charge of driving, I chose not to risk it and stay at home. I will be up tomorrow. Scott and I, I still would LOVE to meet The Specialist’s fiancee, if at all possible…?

I got a lot of shopping done today (which is probably what made me so tired.) So I only have my H family draw (which we keep a secret, which makes it hard to find out what to get people sometimes)

Anyway– I”m gonna head off, just a little post for now

Derringer Meryl [tired] Out

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I’m fairly sure cheetos are the devil. I love them though. That’s sick right? Anyway.ย  I’m going to try hard to keep my weight for this pregnancy down. Here’s hoping! I know it’s going to be tough this Holiday Season– so I hope no one tempts me too badly.

Last night Scott and I watched about the election for a while. I have to admit– I am not really awe inspired. I would have been downright horrified if McCain had won, but I’m mostly just.. Yeah, we did the right thing. I’m not all shocked that a man of African decent was voted in either. I’m glad our country is outgrowing it’s prejudices.

Scott and I were talking last night, we both agree that marriage is a religious activity– and shouldn’t be governed by the state. I’m saddened by the events in California. We also feel the same way about abortion– it’s a personal decision. I have always believed very deeply in agency of each person and while there are some things that are fundamentally wrong (stealing, murdering, rape, etc etc) some things fall into a grey area where the state, or the people within it are not able, and should NOT be able to make those choices for a person.

I usually perfer not to speak on such things as I usually have a nice way of sticking my foot in my mouth– So I’ll end it there.

Katie was HORRIFICALLY grumpy last night. Like REALLY bad. I got home from work and she was napping, so I decided to clean as much as I could before she woke up. I got the kitchen done and started on dinner when she woke up and began to scream. The screaming did not stop until I had her in my arms. She seems to be in some sort of chronic pain. I don’t know what to do for her. she has no fever, no signs of illness other than screaming and screaming.ย  Last night’s culprit seemed to be some gas stuck in her intestines, and if it felt like my stomach does when I have that problem, it’s like I have eaten glass and knives. I got her some apple juice (Scott made it for her, bless his heart) and tried to finish up dinner. Which was an interesting event as she wanted to be pinned between me and the counter for whatever reason. I did my best to ignore her,ย  while getting dinner ready. We had Shephard’s Pie, which was yummy, but needed a tad more salt. That was fine, Scott and i added it after it was done cooking. YUM! I’m not a genius at cooking, but at least the things I can make always turn out really well…. MINUS THE FREAKING CINNAMON ROLLS!! Which I might attempt again this weekend…

We settled down to catch up on some of my shows from earlier in the week and late last week after Scott had nodded off and I grew tired of watching the guys talking about the election repeat themselves a lot. Katie has discovered the volume knob on the stereo, whcih makes watching TV aggrivating. It seems like there isn’t much we can do that ISN’T aggrivating any more.

I’m really excited, I hope my friend Amy can do our family Pics ASAP (I need to get a date arranged, maybe the saturday after thanksgiving?)

I better go and be productive … ๐Ÿ˜‰

Derringer meryl [love love love] out

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Itai Itai Itai

Today, My Dog died. It sucks. She was pretty sick. I won’t go into the details, simply because… well, it’s really really gross. We got our dogs when I was… *thinks* Around nine I guess? I don’t know. She was in a lot of pain though… so I’m okay with it.

I’ve been really sick the past few days. Saturday until today… I”m still not feeling too great. My ear feels all clogged. my head hurts really bad. My throat is sore, my nose is running like all get out.

I want to sleep, really bad. I woke up at six am this morning. Haven’t gotten more than a half hour at a time since. *sighs* I want to sleep. I want nyquil. I want to drug myself into a sweet slumber.

Alas, there is no more nyquil, or dayquil for that matter. I considered calling mom to bring me some, but I figured that I was married now, and i should just deal with the fact that I have no money right now. *sighs*

My car isnt’ finished. Scott’s dad checked wiht the STUPID mechanic, and he hasn’t even started working on it yet. STUPID guy. I hate him so bad. It’s been over a week, and he hasn’t done jack.

What a jerk.

Derringer Meryl [In Lots of Pain] Out

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swimmy swim swim


For a while now, i haven’t been feeling the best ever. at first it was just this insane pain in my ear. (Not exactly an ear ache, more like an ear stabbing, IMO) That got really bad, then eased off. I was SO happy it went away.

Unfortunately it’s been replaced by my new friend, Vertigo. Sucktastic. At first it was just feeling like I was going to fall over occasionally. That’s okay, I feel like that a lot of the time. It’s progressively gotten worse. I fell into our door (Scott and I’s) yesterday (Luckily it was closed and I didn’t fall onto the stairs. I stood up off the couch yesterday too, and fell back down. Same when I woke up this morning… several times I couldn’t get up and stay standing. I was sitting at Church and the room span whenever i moved my head. Still does, as i’m writing this, SCott is talking to me, and I can’t hear him for anything… and the room causes my head to swim at every turn.


If anyone (I’m looking at Antigone, who knows tons about the human body and it’s ins and outs.) knows what the crap is going on with my body– let me know. I’m starting to get angry with it.

Derringer Meryl [You taunt me with the feelings] out

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