A way I cope

So I’m a working mom, as the mom lingo goes… i don’t think there is a nice little abbreviation for that. Anyway… I work, and when I’m not working, I’m desperately trying to de-stress from the work I do. So I think of shortcuts for the stuff I dont’ like (usually Scott cooks, because by the time I get home I’m wasted tired) and laundry usually goes unfolded because ANY mom can tell you that kids laundry ends up on the floor even if you put it away all nice and folded and organized in a chest of drawers (or a dresser). So I don’t fold laundry. Except towels, and that’s still rare.

Then came the problem of my kids wanting to dress themselves…. and me still wanting to sleep in. I got a shoe hanger (the over the door kind) and i put their clothes in it. I usually stock it once a week, and they can pick out clothes. This works great because A) I’m not always home to get them ready for school and B) it makes them more independent. So they grab clothes and put them on. This is great, but only holds about ten days worth of clothes if your kid isn’t crazy like mine and seems to go through clothes SUPER FAST. if you have a 2 year old or younger you can put the outfit together for them to grab so you can help them get dressed. I love it!! The downside is… PJ’s don’t really fit. Because really snuggly pj’s are too big, so I got some hanging closet organizer (like this: one in pink and one in purple to put their PJ’s and undies and socks in. I did this because Audrey is still young and has accidents fairly frequently and needed help finding new undies all the time. so now she is responsible for herself! I love that too.

I want my kids to take care of what they can. opening drawers and such can be hard, and when it isn’t it seems like they JUST get in there to play. This makes it EASY to see, easy to put away, and much less hassle for mom!

Derringer Meryl [Hassle free] Out

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