No clever title here. Sorry. I had a great vacation though. Pics (or at least a link) should be soon to follow. If anyone even still reads this!


anyway, we left early Saturday morning with our friends and I was driving. I don’t drive stick well. It’s probably some sort of crime that I wasn’t taught, but I was ok with that. I could have went my whole life not knowing IMO, but I do know mostly how to drive one now. That being said, I stalled like 4 times on my way to the freeway. Yeah. Then we drove and drove


I drove all the way to the last city before we went into AZ (St. George) I’m kinda proud of that. And Scott was so agitated by my driving that he decided to drive. but we stopped for lunch, and the kids played and I tried a shamrock shake (unimpressed) and chatted. I was accused of not using Birth control (but Drew meant Cruise control, and we all laughed A TON) Then we piled back in and drove and drove. I navigated, and did a great job staying awake (IMO) helping the girls find things to do. We packed surprises they got each time we stopped. We parted ways from our friends for a while, and we drove down to Carlsbad. We were SO EXCITED to stop and get out of the car. The girls were excited to meet Scott’s Aunt and talk to her about the ride, and their friends. We sat down and ate a dinner (chinese, yum!) and decided that the next day we would probably NOT go to sea world after all, which wasn’t a loss since no tickets were purchased yet. We sat down and started watching Princess Bride, and I gave up the ghost quickly as far as staying awake. We all went to bed.

The next morning I woke up with the girls, and we got ready so we could go to the beach. Since Scott had drove the previous day and didn’t sleep much at all, I let him sleep in while the girls and I went to  see the ocean. The tide was kinda high, So I didn’t want the girls running into it much. They were excited though. We did some sandcastles (in the sand) and then played on a playground that was nearby. They had a ton of fun, and Katie adopted herself into another family. People were really friendly and sweet. I guess sometimes It’s nice to go somewhere else– somewhere different to realize that people outside of your neighborhood, and circle of friends are decent and sweet too. The playground made me wish I was having another baby (but don’t worry, disneyland took care of that!)

We went back midway through the day to the house and Scott had just woken up. So we went to lunch at Bull Taco. They have HUGE  quesadillas, and Scott was in love with their  lobster taco and ghost chili sauce (it wasn’t THAT hot, I even had some!) Then we had some yummy doughnuts. Katie had a Hello Kitty cupcake to match her hello Kitty outfit. Then we went to the Aquarium and had a great time. Have you ever seen a starfish flip over? I have. and it’s freaky neat. Lots of fish, I have to say I liked the Jelly fish, and Katie’s freak out at an eel the best She seriously crawled up the walls to get away from the eel. haha. IT was neat to see that they were simulating the tide within all the tanks… and the garden eel, SO FUNNY. It was a great time. Scott and I, in all of our grownup glory, played on a sea saw, and let the girls run wild. Then we went to see the Secret Life of Arrietty, and had a yummy pizza dinner. Audrey fell asleep, Katie ate a little, mostly everyone slept.

We took off fairly early the next morning, to allow Ann to go about her day as usual, we were all really sad to go, and honestly, I think if we could hang out with Ann every weekend, we’d all be happy campers! We headed to anaheim for a day of shopping. We looked around in shops and found SO many neat things.  We had lunch at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Cafe, with beignets, gumbo and so much deliciousness. We picked up a necklace for Kate (Pink with Sparkles) some mis matched Socks for the girls  at miss mismatched. and then finally it was time to meet up with our friends again, we all checked in at the hotel and I unpacked the girls bags, and we all just relaxed for the evening. It was nice to have a day off. Isn’t that what vacationing is for? The girls and I went swimming, then they took a bath to wash off the salt water. Katie loved it (she can touch the ground on the shallow end) but audrey wasn’t as big of a fan. She doesn’t have enough body fat to stay warm.

We woke up the next day and I (of course) cannot turn off my internal clock that had me up at 6 am local time. So I got a shower, and the girls played with their friends since we had a suite, they were overjoyed. They picked out their outfits. We went into the park and tried to get on Big Thunder Mountain first, but the line was SO long, we ended up going on pirates first. Katie sat by Ivy (her bestest friend) and they had a BLAST, but also were terrified. haha) from there we went to Big Thunder moutain and got right in. (Fast pass) Kate went with Ivy and her dad, and didn’t seem to mind it until she went with me. then it wasn’t as much fun. Which was ok. We were also doing pin trading, which is SO much fun. Our goal was to trade all the pins we didn’t want  that we had bought online. I got a LOT that I ended up loving.  We went to Haunted mansion. A lot of rides kept getting closed. after that we hit up winnie the pooh, and met tigger, and pooh. The girls were estatic. Katie was hillarious. We were standing in line and she waved to Tigger and then started to cry when he didn’t wave back saying he broke her heart. It was adorable. Then we met up with family and then went to Space mountain, which got shut down while we were on it. SAD. We waited, then bailed, and it  got fixed.  so we got back in line. People were generous enough to let us back to our spot. I took Katie on it… She was not a fan. AT ALL. At which point I met back up with the group to allow them to go on the ride. We kind of got split up for a bit. Scott took Audrey on Astro blasters. She is a sweetie, and loved it (what’s not to love??) we were pretty tired, so what better to test our levels of exhaustion than “it’s a small world” Scott (as usual) stayed back. There was a duck though, in the water, that was playing chicken with the boats for the ride. itw as hillarious. After we got off that always too long ride, we stopped to meet some fairies (Tink and Iridessa) which the girls were super excited about. But Audrey  is MUCH more shy than Katie. Not shocking. We walked right out of there into The Mad Hatter and Alice. That Alice spoke with a lisp. It was odd. Katie was thrilled to meet Disneyland Alice, since she knows that her Cousin shares her name 😉 Because we hadnt’ already jammed enough in, we got into Star Tours (in Shifts) The girls got to go twice (Kate and Ivy) and I chilled with Drew and the babies outside. Which was nice, to sit and relax. Audrey passed out, so that was awesome. I got my turn on the ride, it was meh, but fun.


Is that seriously only 3 days? I’ll have to do the rest tomorrow!

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