Pinterest Fail…?

Not all of Pinterest is amazing. Sometimes people are SUUUUUUUUUPER talented, and try to pass off their talent as something that is “SUPER EASY!”

Um No.

You have no need for wondering here. I am NOT super talented. Most of my talent lies in sewing… and even that isn’t stunning. I do practice and try– and it’s better than my cooking, but you won’t find me selling things any time soon!

Today’s Pinterest fail… actually comes from Pilsbury. I love me some pre-made dough. I also like home making bread, but there are times you have 2 hours of homework to go over with your two kids, and you get home at 5 pm, and waiting 30 minutes (or spending 30 min) on making dough seems like a lot of work. So pre-made dough it is!

So I was working on this pin and I made it as per specs… or so i thought… smoothed it out, thin as I could manage. Toppings added (I used spaghetti sauce, pepperoni, and cheese!) Then I coated the outside with my Italian seasoning, which is a bit different the the actual recipe but not enough to cause problems. I cooked it as per instructions (on the can, not the pin) and ended up with GOO.

Why? Because the pin (picture) was different than what is actually at the website! First of all, I’ve learned, from my Pizza loving husband, that when using pre-made dough, you CANNOT use spaghetti sauce. It *MUST* be pizza sauce. Why? Because Pizza sauce has less fluid in it. the excess fluid from the spaghetti sauce causes the dough to not be able to dry out and cook. Also, I had the temp (from the can) set too high (450) when the recipe on the website has it set to 350. The cook time is longer (at a lower temp) too!


SO. Really this pinterest fail is on *ME* for not paying closer attention 🙁 I’m going to give this recipe another shot. I would caution that eating under cooked dough will make you GASSY! So so so gassy! The food was still tasty, but less appealing when you know that A) it’ll make you bloated, B) It’s mooshy.

Hoping to try this again next cooking cycle! I’ll save my ratings until then!

Derringer Meryl [Housewife Extraordinaire] Out

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