If life is once

Hola, SO, I’m like here now, to do like, my weekly check up, yo.

And so, yeah. If you can tell, i’m a totally different type of person, when i’m not crushing. Yeah. I’m less, meek? I guess, it’s a good thing all together. I think. Right. It is better.

Ummmm… So Yeah. They still aren’t sure what’s up with my heart, my blood cleared, and so it’s not that. But they still are checking on my meds, that’s tomorrow at eleven… ish.


I’ve been having an anime-o-thon at my house, pretty much consisting of me, my best friend, and about five or so hours of anime. All together we’ve watched Some Yu-Yu- Haksho, (BTW, excuse my lack o’spelling.) Inu Yasha, Cowboy Bebop, and… that’s pretty much it. and… I’m totally obsessed with Inu yasha. I like him, he’s cute. And then, there’s Ed


Yes, well ed, is rather spastic, like me. She hacks well, though. Which is something that I can’t do for the life of me (No worries I can’t hack worth anything at all.) so she’s pretty cool at that then. Yes, I know I said ED, and yes, SHE’s a girl. 🙂 No worries,I’ll always be your Derringer Meryl. 😉 Yeah right, like anyone out side of my friends will be reading this anyway. It’s more like… the thing they’ll find after I’ve gone and died, whenever that is…. and if the internet even still exists… which I doubt.

*hee hee*

Yes, I always get the small spastic perky characters….. Want examples? Well yes, I did pick Ed, she’s me, I her, therefore that was all me….

Derringer Meryl (Trigun)

Asuka Soryhu Langley (NGE)

Yuffie Kuragi(FFVII)

Selphie Tilmitt (FFVIII)

Beatrix (FFIX)

Bulma (DBZ)

Boton (Yu-yu-hakusho)

Mimi (Digimon)

(blinks) Then….

Rikku (Sure, she was voted hottest FFX character, and it’s a compliment, but still she’s the perky character)

Madison/Tomoyo (CCS)

Misty (Pokemon)

Skuld (OMG)

The Best Friend on Vampire Princess Miyu…

Riho (Nightwalker)

Tara (Buffy)

That’s all I can think of right now, I’ll tell you more later……

Derringer Meryl [the real folk blues] Out

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