Today I feel very inspired to start a new page. A page of lists. First will be my very serious list of very favorite songs.

All Inspired today because of Creep by Radiohead. I love this song (It was first performed on TV on the Arsenio Hall Show.. In like 1993) it’s a pretty enduring song. I think it has this interesting blend of … 1950’s, 60’s and 90’s that make it desirable. it’s like the perfect song. It’s got a bit of grunge, a little… bit of all the good stuff, you Know? I love it. Serious. Which is crazy– you’d think my favorite song changes each week with how much I seriously love music (and I do, for someone who is pretty musically impared. I can sing, but not overly well…) I hope to be forever listening to new music and hope that the point at which i reach the “THIS IS TOO DANG LOUD” will be well into my 60’s. 🙂 Lots of popular music really rocks my socks. I love weezer, and I even like the Police (though they’re not really a band anymore) TMBG, fall out boy,  etc etc…

My favorite song? Brandy, By the Looking Glass. 😉 Yep
Derringer Meryl [music!] out

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