The one where I talk about potties

So we have been, over the past year, trying to potty train Kate. There hasn’t been a great opportunity because Audrey was still pretty little and was clingy. Overall, I was just at work and busy feeding Audrey and just generally tired. Well, the time has come (the walrus said) to potty train Kate. She had, up to this point, been spotty about going potty (I rhymed) she would, on occasion sit on it and potty. Finally Kate and I went out and got a BUNCH of undies. I let her pick out most of them. Pretty much pull ups weren’t cutting it. We started thursday and something just clicked. she’s doing AMAZING at staying dry at night (which is awesome IMO!!) and has only had 2-3 accidents, mostly relating to poop. Which I’m fine with. It takes time. I mean, it’s not FUN, but its’ great what she’s achieving.

Other things about Kate, we got her a chapter book today for the first time. We’re reading Matilda, by Roald Dahl. It’s one of Scott’s favorites (Roald Dahl is a great author for kids) I’ve never read any Roald Dahl Before, so it’s fun to read with her. Also it’s immensely entertaining so far.

Kate has also fallen in love with Futurama. It all started when Scott and I were trying to watch some of the new episodes, and Scott mentioned to Katie that it’s from the creator of the Simpsons. Ever since then, Fry and Leela have become staples at our house. Thanks to Netflix, we have all the episodes. we have been enjoying a lot of media lately, thanks to netflix.

Bed time though, oh my, has become a battle of “i so scared” Which frankly is  hooey. I know it is, because she just has been using it to stall bedtime as well as using “I can’t sleep” which is also hooey. very frustrating. I’m sure I’m just getting back what I gave… 😛 Oh well!! Maybe that’s why I have two girls, to give back all the drama I created HAHA.

My therapy has been going well. We are really trying to get to the root of my issues. Which is great. Previous therapists have given me what I like to think of as “mental bandaids” and this therapist really seems to want to know why I work the way I do, which seems to be important to fixing the fundamental problem. IE: are we fixing the root of the issue or just the surface? So i’m happy and excited about that. We have been discussing in depth that I need to value and prize myself enough to do the things it takes to be happy. To take care of myself. Which is a challenge for me. Somewhere in my brain I have it ingrained that to be a stellar mom, and wife, that I need to take a perma-backseat to everyone else. Which may, for some people, work well. BUT I have, with the people in my life, re-enforced a standard that I am not important and don’t need to be taken care of. Which is BS. Doesn’t everyone need someone to look out for them? I do, that’s for damn sure. I appreciate the people who see the weakness in me, and strive for me to draw it out. It’s hard to be the person to force someone to look at themselves, very carefully– but I appreciate the people who do!

Derringer Meryl [I do what I want!] Out

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