Scott is ok, I didn’t realize people paid such attention to my facebook status. He was awake in the basement when i woke up at 7, but when i finally rolled out of bed for good at 8, he was not at home. This made me a bit worried, but like a cat that gets out of the house, I figured he’d return. 🙂 He got me a hot chocolate (yay!) and himself a soda.  He’s ok! I should have updated my facebook and not made my family worry, but he took the laptop to review the news and such (which is ironic as we were also WATCHING the news…

Anyway… Scott is ok. I caught HIMYM this morning as our DVR recorded it on the Analog station and the picture was crappy– so we had to download it. I need to re-watch Big Bang theory as I was cleaning/came home late as it was on. I didn’t cook last night as we did FHE with Lorna. We went (as Scott and I had planned) to Build a bear and had Katie build a bear … or Cat in this case. It kind of looks like twinkie 😀 LOL, We debated on what sound to put in, She really liked the jingle bell rock, but also she really liked the roar and meow. We went with Meow. We thought about clothes for the Kitty, but decided right now, that we probably better not 🙂  We sat down to name her — and I asked Katie “What do you want to name your friend?” and Katie said “KItty!” and she said it perfect. Scott says I better name her Kitty. So I did. Though to be technical I named her Kittie. 🙂 katie loves it, and hugs and loves on it all the time. She woke up in the middle of the night last night, and was crying (She actually did it several times) and so finally (in an effort to refuse baby sleeping in bed with us, it’s nigh to impossible to sleep.) I gave her the toy rocked her a bit, and then laid her down in her bed, and turned her sleeping music back on. she woke up and cried a bit more, but I just closed my door and let her cry, I need SLEEP.

It was a good night, and a suprisingly excellent morning. I was shocked to see The Specialist calling me, because we call each other about as often as… well.. As often as you see penguins hanging out with Polar Bears. But apparently mom called him worrying about Scott’s wellbeing… and he called me on my way to work. I wouldn’t have noticed except the fact that I was digging for my badge when my bag started to vibrate! Thanks for worrying. It’s nice to know people have my back 😉

Derringer Meryl [It’s been a long day and it’s only 10] Out

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