It’s official I’m obsessed.

In case you didn’t catch on, I’m stuck on Doctor Who.


The thing is, when you have a universe… or is it an universe, that sounds odd… whatever. When you have a universe with so few rules, it opens your mind up. I feel like I’m getting inspired, and I’m not inspired to write fanfiction, it’s more of a “what if there was a universe where this could happen?” or “maybe a person could travel like this?” and I feel like the stories are small now, But I feel like I could make it more.
It gives me hope. I think that’s part of my depression. It’s my realism fighting against me dreaming. I would love to write, a book, a story, a universe, a movie, anything, that could capture the world’s attention. I’d love to write something. I’ll have to start writing all of these things down.


Derringer Meryl [Who?] Out

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