Fan Girl-ing

Scott and I watched a clip for a Bronies documentary. Scott was like “MAN ARE THOSE PEOPLE NUTS” (Maybe without the internet all caps shouting) and I was like “These people are my homeboys!” Not because I”m necessarily a brony (or a pegasister as some of them like to be called) I think Ponies are neat, and the show is well written and thought out for a kids show. It’s quality.

(If you want to watch the trailer: http://youtu.be/EGMIABmH__8 )

One of the guys says something about how he used to be sad (he’s a kid) and My little Ponies has made his life better, he feels like waking up. To you, or anyone else who hasn’t experienced this type of feeling you might go “that’s stupid” and that’s what Scott said too.

Until you experience it. Some people probably go their whole life without being a fangirl/fanboy.  I do it a lot (as Sukie pointed out a few months ago) get into shows. Some people are passionate about lots of things. I’m into Doctor Who. As I told Scott today, it did pull me out of a depressive experience. It got me to see I needed to be on medication again. It got me back into writing, and dreaming a future for myself that wasn’t the same thing day after day. I started to want something for myself that wasn’t … just the same ole same ole.

I respect that people think my fangirling is weird. I don’t expect anyone to understand, and that’s ok. Just know that if something affects a life in a good way, why be down on it?


Derringer Meryl [I’m a Fangirl] Out

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