Things change

As a teenager, and even as a young newly wed, I hated Lotion. I thought it was SUCH a HUGE waste of money and time. I didn’t get it. why lotion yourself up and smell gross, etc etc? Not to mention be greased up like a roman wrestler. GEEZE. As a mom though, I walked into Bath and Body works and saw a pair of socks, they smelled like vanilla and they were infused with cashmere lotion. I am a SOCK person, so I slapped them on my feet (obviously after buying them, and all my tense-ness seemed to float away. Oh and I bought a tiny bottle of their new upcoming lotion (Dark Kiss) which smelled delicious.

I went home and relaxed. Feeling pampered for a cool $15, cheaper than a pedicure and faster than a day out, I felt like i mattered and I relaxed a little. I’ve gone back several times since, and bought stuff to plug into my walls to help me forget that i am not a stellar house keeper, and several tiny bottles of shower gel to let me choose what delicious scent I’ll smell like that day. I have a bottle of lotion at my desk at work that I rub on about 50 million times a day, because it’s a nice nervous habit. I found a new and fabulous way to keep myself up. And while I don’t plan on spending¬† 6 million dollars there, i could VERY easily. Why? because sometimes a girl just needs to smell pretty and feel pretty, even if it is just some lotion you plaster on over the fact that you didn’t get to shower that day because you overslept because your toddler was up all night puking and your infant rubbed boogers on your pillow and now they’re tangled in your hair. Essentially, sometimes you need to feel like a woman and not just a mom. I appreciate that feeling! To me, it’s worth the $10-$20 for the feeling of femininity that it brings on. delicate, light and sexy, now If i could just find a scent that makes me feel like i’m a size 8, I’ll be in heaven.

Derringer Meryl [Love BBW] Out

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