With Video Games and Booze of course or not

That’s right, you heard it from scott first (I had GS work) that I’ve been hired on at USPS area of Convergys. It makes me happy, and I even found a flaw in the system they were using for screening…

That impressed the interviewer.

With an increase in time and money, Scott and I are much happier. Though, I do have to go through an extensive background check (silly government peoples) So Yeah. Mom, start lookin’ for a government certified birth certificate. I need it. Really. Or I can be fired… or something like htat. I need to pass a drug test… *sighs* Peeing in a cup, woot. Or… not really.

Oh if someone gets in contact with Mar-say, I put her down as referring me to Convergys. (So If you get money, you know who to split it with… Hint… hint.)

Lets see. I’m giddy happy at the idea of getting the hell out of this place– and I want to take pictures of the hellish place I lived in so i can tell my kids how freakishly lucky they are, and I can remember what I started from, and how much I LOVE working at convergys for getting me the heck out of the place. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Gonna go Celebrate] Out

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