This weekend

We went to Boo at the Zoo. FUN! I will admit in the future we will be going to the zoo on a MUCH less busy day, but hindsight is 20/20. Next year will be more fun. Scott and I were thinking that a Zoo pass for us as a family next year for katie’s B-day might not be a bad Idea. She seemed to enjoy the animals (when she wasn’t distracted by the kids) she was VERY afraid of the large ape sculpture (not sure why.) She can say Giraffe, and she called the Tiger a Kitty. She got to see it swimming in the pool. We also looked at some very angry looking cougars (the animal, not the old attractive woman) and had lunch with Lashes, Codeweaver, Drama Queen and the kids. Katie knocked my drink all over their oldest, which was fun times. Katie chose to be a cheerleader instead of little bo peep, which was fine. We had the other outfit, and it work out great. I’ll post pictures later of her outfit, and her fun times at the zoo.  I started feeling pretty sick at the end, so sorry if I bit anyone’s head off. Mostly I think i was a bit snippy with Scott and DQ 😉

After the zoo, we went and hung out at my parent’s house for a while, Scott Zonked (and rightly so) and I drove home sans glasses (because they are still broken. Poor me.) We got home safely though, so that’s good. Sunday we got up in time for Church, but Scott was exhausted, so i settled in to unpack a little and watch some quality anime. Speaking of anime, I find it interesting that I watched FMA before we had Katie, and thought “Wow, what a tame Anime, there isn’t much violence in this at all, and it’s such a compelling story!!” and now I”m watching it going “Wait, i don’t remember it being this violent! Sheesh!” somewhere in the midst of cleaning and watching Anime, Katie found my rotary blade and sliced her thumb up right nicely. So I hurried and washed it out, and put pressure on it. poor baby! she cried and cried. I sliced my hand with one of those when I was little (actually to be honest, I was like… 8, and it was the same blade) Scott was asleep, so I got him to go get the bandaids and Katie’s pacifier… and some tylenol. Poor kiddo!  the rest of the day was spent telling her NOT to chew on the bandaid, and organizing DVD’s.

I”ve been increasingly snippy/rude lately. I’m sorry for anyone I may have offended. I hope to keep myself under better control in the future.

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