Stuff to do

Doesn’t it seem like theres always stuff to do!?

I have been trying to wean myself off my antidepressants. I hate taking pills, and it just seems like they are hard to keep up with.

My car is being stupid and broken. Which is frustrating. I am not enjoying having to have scott drive me to work. And then kate got foot and mouth and now I have sores in my mouth too!  It is no fun. I hope I didnt get anyone sick, but I never had a fever… So it’s hard to tell when I was contagious.

Scott’s Yoshi quilt is on my quilt frame. I just have to find energy and time to finish it. Blerg. So. Then I have a robot quilt to finish too.

Oh! If you find some nice cheap high quality flat sheets, I want to hand quilt a twin quilt for kate with bender on it!

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