April Fools day

Nothing happened to me. Lucky me…

Oh except my legs decided to pull a Christopher Reeve and stop working.

Too soon?

Seriously though. I was walking down the stairs, happy as a clam to be getting Katie’s PJ’s for her, and eating a Little Debbie’s snack when i hit the landing (thank goodness) and my foot landed on some DANG toy that Katie had left there. Normally when you step on something your foot says “OW, stop stepping on that” and you recoil, and walk around it. For some reason when i’m pregnant, my body says “Oh that’s no fun. I’m just going to send a signal to stop working” and my whole leg collapses and I fall. It’s like I’m a rag doll… or possibly Woody from toy story. Depending on which you prefer. in any case, I lay in a heap on the landing. I hit my back slightly on the door into the laundry room and I think my shoulder is a bit sore from it. Otherwise I’m fine– and Audrey seemed to be a bit startled, but she’s been active, so I’m not worried. I was worried a bit last night. Audrey is a much more mellow baby than Katie, Which is STUNNING to me, because Katie was very mellow once she was born, so maybe the opposite will happen here? As far as I can see though ladies and gents, Audrey is due to arrive any time from June 10th on. That is to say if I spontaneously go into labor at that point, they’ll let me go. WAHOO. Right? right? Anyway.  And then anytime from July 1st to 8th, I’ll have a c-section if I don’t pop first. 🙂

Crazy right?

The month of march was…. well it was BAD. Healthwise anyway. Katie and I were pretty much rockin’ a sickness every weekend (and sometimes during the week) I’m hoping April changes that. Right now i’m still trying to kick the end of a cold, that is trying very desperately to be some sort of sinus infection.  Mostly I find it annoying. Everything I eat tastes like… Snot. Gross right? yay for grossness. Poor Katie is recovering from the cold too. Plus we gave it to Drama queen, cause we’re sharing people like that.

I’m still searching my house for Katie clothes, soon to be Audrey clothes. I cannot think of where they might be. I am not the most organized mom in the world, apparently.

My Boss at work is helping me think of different things I can cook and freeze (yes!) and store for when i have the baby. Scott made this AWESOME Soup last night that is SOOO yummy (Seriously!) that I ate it for dinner last night, and lunch again today. I will be having it for dinner tonight as well. I love me some soup!! I will probably have him make a bunch of it, and then freeze it in Ziplock Bags in our new freezer.

Derringer Meryl [Good days and bad] Out

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