So I have to say that not a lot gets under my skin. Most of everything that does involves talking. Or I guess to be more broad, the auditory noises that people consider to be speaking in this day and age.  I cannot tell you how many times I remember my Debate teacher talking about how real communication isn’t JUST about being a great speaker, It’s also about being a great listener. I am usually pretty eloquent in my mind, but in reality I’m a much better listener than I am a speaker. I wish people could listen to what people are saying more clearly.

This is the number one pet peeve I have. I have to admit, I’m not always captain attentive. I’m not always 100% on things, but when it’s important, i listen. To me, not listening is a sign of disrespect, and It gets me all bent out of joint. I could scream after repeating myself a few times. I don’t like listening to myself talk. I only on occasionally will ramble on to fill the space of dead air. I’d rather listen to music, but I think, to a point, everyone deserves to be listened to … I feel like sometimes I’m not listened to, and not to strike an too familiar chord, I don’t mean I’m a wounded and hurt that my family isn’t oohing and ahhing over my verbal spewings, because honestly, i don’t want to be patronized. I just want to legitimately be heard when it’s important. Wouldn’t you?

Among all my other auditory annoyances are people who say HUH? like they are about to vomit the word. It’s disgusting. If you’d like an auditory of it, I’ll say it for you in the most obnoxious voice ever. Seriously. You hear the word HUH at least 40 times a day in a way that sounds like dry heaving … you’d want to stab the next person who said it too. I hate when people JUST WONT STOP TALKING. It’s not communication unless both sides are participating. I hate it when people hum while they are waiting for a short period of time (like less than 2 minutes) it’s not like you’ve had time to get SO bored that you need to HUM constantly, especially in my ear. SO STOP. People who talk TOO loud, I suppose with this I should include those who LAUGH too loud. I like things to go where they belong. Work CAN be fun, but not I drank $200 worth of alcohol and now I think everything is SOOO Dang funny… Also I hate people who feel the need to stand behind my cubical and talk.  I don’t have four walls, I have two. and 1/4th. I’m in the hallway.  I wish people would just sit down and shut up!

I think my ADD is particularly auditory. I am not so distracted by light or motion as I am auditory things. I use music to block it out a lot.  I LOVE music. 😀

Derringer Meryl [music gets the best of me] out

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