Clay Aiken Is some kind of … Musical Elf

Oh Clay Aiken, the things you do to my brain. You make me think when I’ve taken Nyquil. Shame on you.

Right, So I was supposed to work three hours tonight, but I came home early on account of me feeling like crap. Which was Okay. Guts bought me some root beer (a whole six pack, he’s so nice to me) and I came home and took some Nyquil, and i’ve been out like a light since.

The Mouth went out Drinking tonight. I shouldn’t be so concerned about it. But I am, what can I say. Just like he worries about me following the Monkey around like a puppy, i worry about him picking up on Lesbians. I don’t know. I think mine has more room for concern, but… still. Being out drunk seems like a bad idea, especially when he’s sick like he is. (Thus the reason i’ve been feeding him soup, he refuses to take medicine… it annoys me. at least he’ll eat the soup though.)

I’m pretty tired. The Nyquil is kicking furiously at my system, telling me to go to sleep. Maybe after I read some homework– then I can go to sleep. I just want to get some work done first… right. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Sleepy Meryl] Out

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