Good Movie, Numb Butt

Like I said, I went to See LoTR. It’s great. I loved it. I loved going at midnight, and while the movie got started late, it was okay, because i made a potty run right before it started. *nods* We had our ticket stubs checked like… fourty times. I got trompled on by like… the same four kids, twenty times over. I wanted to yell at them… but i didn’t.

I don’t want to give anything about the movie…. but there were a few flubs, that were noticeable– but i’ll leave you to find them for yourself– I don’t want to ruin the movie! I had fun with my co-workers. A few of them dressed up, but not in the way you’d think. Instead of wearing the more traditional cloak and scabbard– they chose to wear decorated underwear on the outside of their pants. It was funny. One of them read “Which Way to Legolas’ Bedroom?” It was cute.

We didnt’ save enough seats– and the i ended up sitting with people i didn’t know– but were with the company and the Mouth’s ex girlfriend. *nods* The guy i was sitting next to found my “I Love you Sam Wise Gamgee!” and “I love you too, Mr. Frodo!” Bit quite funny. 🙂 i waited a while to use it– and in the meanwhile while my neighbor wondered where Aragorn got something from (a torch I do believe) since he didn’t have it before he entered a cave– I theorized he got it from his pocket, where all great heros keep everything. You can fit anything in your pocket when you’re hero. Grenade launchers and torches, and a various assortment of green herbs…. Yep, Hero pockets, they should sell pants like that for the average Joe.

*nods* The Movie was good. If I was in charge of Emmy Nominations– I’d nominate the actor who played Pippin and the actor who played Golum. they were both great. While I enjoyed Legolas (of course, he’s nummy, how could you not?) I agree with Orlando Bloom’s Position on his character. “He’s a Man of few words– he has to get most of what he’s saying across with a look.” And that’s what he does. A fine look, might i add. 🙂 So while he’s a great actor, i don’t think i’d nominate him for anything but “The Hottest Man ALIVE” award. *nods* Viggo Mortensen was good as well– he really stepped up to the roll, and you see his character change from the Ranger, to the King. It’s amazing. 🙂

Derringer Meryl [Could it be any longer?] Out

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