Hormones aren’t BAD, letting them contol you IS!


Okay, it’s not really that. I’m just really really having an excellent day. Uber great. Honest. The Mouth was nice, Gert was charming, and even Monkey got in on the making me happy action….

That could be misconstrued, but i didn’t mean it THAT way. *sighs* Nope. Sure, there was poking fun (where we play a game of poking tag, that’s pretty much it.) and he attempted to do… *coughs oddly* Um– Stuff to my spine… I resisted. *bats away the bad Monkey thoughts* No more! We’re just friends! *Leers at her brain* No more bad thoughts, *mutters something about monkey* Got it brain? Good.

I haven’t been feeling swell. Got Morning sickness (in the strictest sense that i’m sick in the morning, DUH! I’m not some slut girl, okay? Sheesh) I get all on nerves when i’m around Gert, and giggle like a freakish mad-woman. I guess i can’t help how cute he is, and how he acts– 🙂 Right??

*brain does things* Stop IT! I said no more of that, OKAY? Sheesh. Just when you think you have a hold of your brain, you don’t — at all. Meh, Who am I kidding. I have no control over my brain at all. *nods* It’s quite… frustrating.

I got a new addition to my name tag at work (it was feeling lonely at the absence of Monkey’s ring (friendship ring, thanks….)) It’s a little sign that says “Hot” and then beneath that it says “Really Hot Chick, Alright, Giggidy Giggidy!” It’s pretty awesome, and I got it from the Mouth, to add to the shock value, right? I put a similar sticker on Monkey (like actually ON him, his shirt to be exact.)

Ya know, before, like a few months ago, i would have been thinking “Where does this put us? What is going on between us? Does he like me? Does he want to be my boyfriend??” and honestly, that kind of stuff begins to wear and tear at your mind– so now I don’t think about that. Or anything. I go for the funny. it’s funny to poke Monkey and the Mouth. It’s just fun to hear them make noises, or react… 🙂 I like it.

I’m still scared as of yet to poke Gert. I’m a chicken, I’m scared, so there.

Oi– But Gert and Monkey wear the same cologne… and it drives me insane.

Derringer Meryl [Giggidy Giggidy!] Out

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