Heartwarming Evening

I get the feeling that i should be in more dangerous situations.

I don’t know how many of you have had this opportunity, but if you haven’t, and you are in the position to do so, DO IT, cause it gives you the ultimate rush, EVER!

So Yeah, I mentioned before that I got into a car accident, and while it wasn’t too bad, the guys at work didn’t know that… I went to work , and I was buying my last DVD of Slayers and I mentioned to Gert that i had gotten into a car accident, and this concern filled his eyes, and face, and it was just so….

breath taking. Amazing, Beautiful, heart-warming, and just… something that I wish I could look at every day when I feel bad, or lonely.

Someone feeling honestly concerned for me…. for my welfare. Not because they have to, not because they’re my family or something–

but because he wanted to. And that– is a very… heart warming thing to me. Just another reason why I like him, i guess.

Only two more days until halloween. I’m going to do my nails (Not acryllic, especially after all the bad things i’ve found out about acryllic nails.) and i’m busy brainstorming what would make me look more fairy-like… (I have wings, and a couple of picks i’m going to put in my hair)

Anyway– I’m off to work on various websites

Derringer Meryl [HTML by hand, massochism] Out

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