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I’m going to start posting about my pinterest adventures. I use pinterest for a lot of things, but number one, it is my electronic recipe box. I love it. It contains easy recipes, and then things that I think “I am never going to do this, but it looks sooooo good.”

I’m no cook. Once when I went to Girl Scout camp, I gave myself food poisoning. No joke. So this journey will be riddled with “OMG we’re all so sick.” As such these posts will be after the possible food poisoning has happened. I’ll tell you how difficult they are, and when the recipe is ideal (Ie, lazy days, busy days, fancy day) how it tastes, and how it rates with my kids (one picky, one not).

What else you should know about me… I’m not any sort of vegan, vegitarian, gluten sensitive, etc. if you’re looking for that– well I suggest looking elsewhere. There’s lots of that online. I am just a working mom (for now) who is trying to expand her cooking horizons!

You can follow me on Pinterest here. My food boards are entrees, desserts, and breads. Yeah, I love bread so much it has it’s own board.

Today we’re reviewing: Baked Ravioli!

I am not a picture taker, you’d see how my house looks… here’s a hint… it’s not great. You can view the recipe at What’s for Dinner?

This recipe is like a lasgna … only easier. You don’t cook the ravioli. You layer spaghetti sauce, ravioli, cheese, repeat. Seriously SO EASY. 10 minutes prep, kids can talk to you while you do it, you could totally let your seven year old do most of it herself. Mine would just need help with the can opener. It cooks 10 minutes. i slathered on the cheese, because I love cheese. I seriously… I can’t take it. Anyway. My kids and I gobbled it up. I could have shoved some veggies in the microwave to go along with it, and it would have been perfect (or if you’re more fancy you could have done a salad or a side dish of some other sort) I got sausage/cheese stuffed ravioli because I like having meat with my pasta. I feel like it’s better that way. Possibly more balanced.

My score:

Tastiness 4/5

Ease: 5/5 (THE EASIEST!)

When to make this: Tired days. Busy days, PMSing and need carb days…. (or is that just me?)

Kids Score:

Tastiness 5/5

Seconds? YES!

Leftovers: Yes — and they were edible. Sometimes left overs are just… no good. These were still QUITE tasty!

Would I make it again? Yes. Absolutely.

I hope that I can keep doing these, and keep you guys interested in cooking along with me!

Derringer Meryl [Cookery] Out

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  • Mandinkus

    Yay baked ravioli! We do that sometimes with frozen ravioli, it’s awesome. I need to remember that one more often when I’m feeling lazy, I have ravioli in the freezer for just this reason, but it’s not on my radar.

    Also, bread totally deserves it’s own pinterest board! Yum!

    Comment | October 30, 2014

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