My life right now

I work a desk job.


Yeah. I mean I’m not at a desk all the time. Sometimes there are meetings, and often i’m running around doing stuff. Maybe a better description is that it’s a Computer Job. It involves many computers. AND THE INTERNET. I do love me some internet. If the internet was a person, I would marry it. I suppose that’s why I married Scott 😉  (Among other really great and awesome things about him) I love computers, I’m pretty good at typing. and I love the internet.

These things, all of them, do not love me. I wear a brace, and apparently I need a better one, because my wrist is in agony pretty much 24/7 now. Last time I went to the doctor for my wrist, they jokingly told me to just quit my job.

I wonder, idly of course, if a doctor was losing their voice frequently, or was having difficulty remembering tasks for their job, or for some reason or another was losing the ability physically to do their job if their advice to themselves is to just quit? I mean… I NEEDS MY INCOME! I don’t work, for all intents and purposes, for FUN. If I did work, just for fun, i would quit if it was detrimental to my health. But I’ll work at a computer until my hands are all curled up, and I need massive surgery.

Which I won’t have, because… aint nobody got time for that! I’m taking two days off in a row for Katie’s Surgery, and it is the first time I have taken time off for NOT an emergency “I am sick” stuff. I pretty much muddle through whatever.

Gonna go back to sleep. YAY!

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