the time between

Usually the time immediately following a disneyland trip is… a downer.
Let’s face it, you just did something SUPER fun and now you’re going back to the grind and it is just kind of… depressing. Plus it’s february and Mother nature said “Oh hey, yeah, I forgot that it’s supposed to be winter!” and has started to dump a lot of snow around these parts. I was hoping to get away Scott free. (haha)

I guess the point I’m getting to here is that this time of year gets to me. There could be a lot of reasons. There are reasons I feel like I’m holding my breath like something bad is going to happen. There are reasons that I feel like Hiding in a closet until spring has sprung (may anyone? maybe june the way things are going?!)  Overall, people seem tense. Like If I had a million dollars I’d buy the world a massage (but you’ll have to spring for any happy endings yourself. I’m not that kind of girl.) so that we can all take a collective deep breath. People just always seem to find a reason to argue about something. It’s a mother huggin’ election year so– there’s that. Which (in addition to anything else you could argue about passionately, i despise) I hate. I hate politics, I hate discussing religion with people (even with people within my own faith) I hate talking about abortion, health care and a myriad of other other junk (LIKE MOTHER HUGGIN CELL PHONES, who the flip cares?!)
Contention (even in healthy debates or whatever you want to call them) makes me anxious. They make me feel like you’re being bated into an argument that you can’t win. Badgered and beaten into submission of glazing over and agreeing to escape like a verbal possum defense. I cannot ABIDE arguments. Which is weird since I do get into them, sometimes often with my trainees at work. I am a pretty chill person since I can’t take arguments really, or confrontation … but I will argue. Especially when I feel like i’m in the right. Shouting, or raising of voices aren’t to be done, Sarcasm is ok, most of the time, except for when people use it to mock you. General sarcasm (like talking to a lamp let’s say…) is much better than mocking someone directly to belittle them.



These are a few of my most unfavorite things.

and it seems like this week is full of them. People taking things the wrong way ( all over, me included) and then you can’t undo what you did, because it’s the internet. And the things you say LIVE FOREVER in people’s minds, and on the waybackmachine. Tweets and facebook status’/comments can’t be undone. People remember, people hold on to it.


I agree there is a wealth, nay, a glut of OVER information. Who cares if someone got a coke zero and is having an ok day. SERIOUSLY. is that important?! For that matter, I don’t need to know that Newt Gingrich had an open marriage or whatever. I think I knew he was pretty scummy before that. Thanks though. I don’t want to know who anyone is sleeping with or what Mitt Romney (and what the hug kind of name is Mitt anyway?!) thinks about LDS baptisms for the dead, or that we apparently need to convince Stephenie Meyers to write her last book.

I DO NOT CARE. My brain filter is tired. My body is tired. It’s late. And I can’t take it.

PS: If anyone reads this and cares… My husband is awesome. he’s sweet and loving. He pretty much one handedly takes care of our kids and home. He took care of our kids on vacation like pro, without complaining ever. Helped with our friends kids, with a smile and ease. He is generous and has a big heart. Sometimes he has a big mouth (dare I say it? When he sees something that he doesn’t like, he has to say something) but I lov ehim for it. He also knows when to keep quiet. He is supportive, and I love him.

Derringer Meryl

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