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I think it’s important to note, that I’m no Economical genius, but it seems that we’ve upset the economical circle of life, There are always going to be Oprah’s and Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ who have a lot of money, but the middle class is disappearing. We are all becoming lower middle class. The wages we are being paid don’t cover the expenses we have. and it all feels like we’re downing in our own debt. Some people might say rightfully so. I know people who have been out of jobs for YEARS. Not for fun, Not because they are too picky about where they work, because everywhere they try to apply is saturated with applicants. People are “over qualified” or don’t have enough experience, and so only a select few can be hired.

I feel fortunate to never have been laid off, or out of a job. If I leave it’s because I choose to leave. Scott has been laid off, and it was the worst way EVER to wake up in the morning. the worst. We are fortunate that he found a job, and quickly with his current (and my current) employer. They treat us right, and are growing exponentally. We love it! We are lucky.

I am not an economic genius, but it doesn’t take much to see that the money that is supposed to be “trickling down” is NOT trickling at all. Statistically, the rich are getting richer. Should we punish them? No. Being successful at your job isn’t your “fault” per say. It’s not something to fault you for. Should you be forced to keep your income in the economic pool via taxes, yes.

Imagine, somehow, all of the fish in a stream were horded into a holding pen somewhere. Not allowed to swim around as they normally do… Everything that depends on the fish– is being punished, and could wither and die. Which is why in nature most animals don’t just eat one thing. They eat a variety of things. But economically, you pretty much just have cash. Moolah. You can have it in stocks, bonds, 401k, savings, checking, CD… blah blahblah. you can shape it and fold it any way you want, but it’s still money. it’s what we all need. It’s why we work, to get money to pay for bills, for vacations,f or clothes for food! Money makes the world go. There are people who are hoarding it. If a person is holding onto the majority of the nations wealth, it is detrimental to the economy. Sure we can print more money, but that just devalues it. There is only SO much money in the world, and the people who aren’t passing it on the way it is supposed to, are dicks.


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